Top Tips to Care for Pets at Christmas

Christmas time is a time of festivities, decorations, and tasty food, but it’s also a time of danger, especially if you have some animals in your home. The last thing you want is an emergency trip to the vet during the season, so follow the safety advice in the article for a happy Christmas. 

Dangerous Decorations 
It’s Christmas time, and decorations are everywhere; there are baubles on the trees, tinsel on the walls, and plenty of artificial berries and ivy for your pets to play with. These decorations don’t just look pretty; they are also very attractive for pets who love to grab and play with them. Decorations can be dangerous to pets; if a small animal cracks a bauble, it might hurt its paw on the broken shards, and if it tries to eat the decorations, it can cause some damage to their mouths and stomach. At the same time, these decorations can be toxic to your favorite animals

Fairy Lights 
Fairy lights are pretty standard during the Christmas season, and they can make the home super festive, but unless you look after the cables to ensure they’re out of reach of pets, there’s a chance they will chew through these new rubbery stings that have appeared and get a shock. When you are putting the string lights around the tree, make sure the wire is elevated and not on the floor where a cat, rabbit, or dog can get its teeth into. Additionally, if you are hanging string lights around the home, use cable ties to secure the lights and nails to fit them to walls. 

New Toxins 
At Christmas time, there are plenty of new hazards around for animals to encounter; these range from baubles to plants and new food items. Of course, Christmas baubles are toxic and need to be kept securely, but plants can also be harmful to your furry friends in the home. Poinsettias, holly, pine, and mistletoe are all poisonous plants for pets, so avoid bringing them into your home at Christmas or choose artificial ones instead. Additionally, you need to look out for the foods that are around at this time of year; chocolate, mince pies, and puddings are toxic. 

Stress Reduction 
Christmas can be a stressful time for many animals in the home; there is lots of commotion and new people around, which can be stressful for animals. Make sure your pets have a familiar place to escape to at Christmas; it could be a familiar bed in a quiet room for their little retreat.  If you have a dog, it’s a good idea to walk them before the excitement of Christmas begins; this helps to tire them out and reduces their stress levels when guests start to arrive. If you keep a horse, visit the stables before Christmas and use Horse Feed by Gladwells Pet & Country Store

Christmas Presents 
Everyone gets presents at Christmas, even the pets. Make sure you stash some Christmas treats for your favorite friends under the Christmas tree, along with everything else, to give them something tasty and safe to chew on while your friends and family are digging into the dinner.