The 7 Top Causes Of Sofa Damage

Over the years, sofas can experience all kinds of damage, which can eventually result in them needing to be replaced. By avoiding certain types of damage, you can extend the life of your couch. Below are some of the most common causes of sofa damage and how to avoid them.

Spillages can lead to permanent stains and moisture damage. Such spillages aren’t always easy to avoid (especially if you have young kids), however you can protect the fabric of your sofa by adding a slipcover. If the slipcover gets a spillage on it, you can easily take it off and clean it in a washing machine. If you’d prefer not to put a slipcover on your sofa, then the best defence against spillages is to clean them up as soon as they occur to stop the liquid seeping through. 

Incorrect cleaning
Many people damage sofas by using the wrong cleaning methods on them. Harsh chemicals are often best avoided on most fabrics as they can cause stains. You should also avoid rubbing certain fabrics too hard with abrasive sponges as this can cause piling - it’s better to dab delicate fabrics or rely on professional upholstery cleaners.

Pet claws
Cats and dogs can easily scratch up certain fabrics like leather with their claws. This is particularly the case with cats - some of which may go out of their way to scratch furniture. To prevent scratches, consider using pet-proof slipcovers or throws to protect the fabric from damage.

Knocks while moving
Sofas can also get damaged while moving them if you’re not careful. It’s often worth hiring trusted removalists when moving home to avoid such damage - especially with large and bulky sofas. Consider also paying for professional delivery when moving a new sofa into your home so that it doesn’t get damaged on its way from the store. 

Certain fabrics may start to fade when exposed to sunlight. Try to keep sofas with such fabrics away from direct sunlight by positioning them away from windows. Alternatively, draw the curtains during the day.

If you’re a smoker, your sofa is more likely to get damaged over time. There’s a higher risk that it will get burnt with a cigarette and a higher risk that it will stain due to the smoke. Getting into the habit of smoking outdoors can prevent this. Alternatively, make sure that there is a slipcover on your sofa whenever you smoke. 

Wear and tear
Just by sitting on your sofa, you will eventually cause damage over time. Cushions will start to sag, the fabric will wear from friction and the frame may eventually break. It may be possible to get your sofa reupholstered to repair this damage, however you may find that it’s more convenient to simply buy a new sofa. Couches can last from 5 to 30 years - cheaper couches will generally need to be replaced sooner, while more expensive sofas will last longer.