Is Your Home as Safe as You Think?

Most of us think of our home as our sanctuary; as the one place, we can go to where we are guaranteed to be safe and free to relax and let our hair down. Unfortunately, many of us are living in homes that are much less safe than we think they and hope they would be. It’s quite alarming, but a large proportion of homes in this country at home have numerous hidden dangers lurking around the corner. Could yours be one of them? Here’s how to find out:

Do You Have a Burglar Alarm?
Does your home have a burglar alarm? You might think you live in a safe neighbourhood, and maybe you do, but anyone can be targeted by thieves, so if you don’t have a burglar alarm, then you could be putting yourself at risk.

Are Your Fire Alarms Working?
I’m going to assume that you actually have fire alarms in your home - if you don’t make that a priority - but do they actually work? When was the last time you checked them? If you can’t even remember, then do it now and if you find that they aren’t working, get new ones, have your landlord do so, or if your system is more complex, get AEL fire alarm servicing in to do the job for you. It’s so easy to be trapped by fire when you’re sleeping if you don’t have working alarms, and that is, I’m sure you’ll agree, something that no one ever wants to go through.

Has Your Boiler Been Serviced Recently?
Boilers can be pretty dangerous if they aren’t in good condition and they aren’t working properly. That is why landlords must have them serviced by a company like British Gas at least once every 12 months. If you own your home, however, you may have let this slide. If that’s the case, it might be time to change that by having it looked at. Doing so is even more important if you’ve noticed it behaving oddly or you’ve been experiencing any of these symptoms recently. Carbon Monoxide is a killer - don’t let it get to you.

Is There Mould in Your Home?
If you notice that mould has sprung up in your home, and especially if that mould is black, you could be at risk of developing problems with your breathing, or if you have asthma and allergies, it could make those worse - in some extreme cases, it could even be a killer, So., a swift resolution is very much the order of the day.

Are Your Trees Overgrown?
If you have trees that are close to your property, and they have branches that are overgrown, especially if those branches are particularly large, it’s a good idea to cut them back because all it takes is one particularly strong gust of wind to have that tree fall on your property or come through your window and potentially injure you. You might think it unlikely, but it is better safe than sorry.

Make these checks and do any work that’s needed for a home that’s immediately safer.