Running Out Of Room? Easy Ways to Increase Your Storage Space

You may have moved into your current property thinking that it would last you years. Sadly, however, a growing family and the trappings of life mean that our properties fill up quickly- and a place that was once perfect now feels cramped. You may be considering moving to a bigger property, but doing that is incredibly expensive. Not only do you have the increased mortgage payments of a more expensive place, but you also have to deal with property tax, solicitor’s fees, moving costs, and so much more. If you want to avoid the headache of moving, it may be worth looking at ways to increase the storage and living space you currently have. Below are a few ideas to help you do just that.

Convert unused space
One of the easiest ways to add a lot of storage and living space is to convert areas that are being unused. Companies like Empire Lofts can help to make your loft a more easily accessible space so that it can be used for storage, or you could even convert it into a fully furnished living space. If you have a damp basement that only seems to get used as a wine cellar, you can get that sealed and turn it into a second living room, a bedroom, or even a home cinema. The possibilities are endless.

Vacuum storage
If you are the kind of person who can’t stop buying the seasons latest trends, but also can’t bear to throw any of your old purchases away, this could be the perfect solution for you. Separate your wardrobe into summer-wear and winter-wear. You will likely have a large staple of your clothes that are useful for either season, and that is fine. The important part is to create a big pile of clothes you definitely don’t wear when the temperature is in single digits and another pile that is perfect for winter warmth. Then you simply pack those clothes into a vacuum bag and suck all the air out. Those big fluffy jumpers and jackets will be taking up hardly any room in next to no time. Find somewhere out of the way, like the attic to keep your out-of-season clothing, and your wardrobe can finally breathe easily.

Ottomans are a fantastic way of getting extra storage at no extra cost of floor space. You simply use existing furniture as storage. Got a king size bed? Get an ottoman bed frame, and you will have masses of storage space at your disposal, and it’s easy to access. Many beds come with drawers, but they are hard to get to sometimes and can’t hold a huge amount without the bottoms caving in. An ottoman footstool is also a great way to double up comfort and relaxation with storage. You could even switch out your run of the mill coffee table for a blanket box or wooden chest. It makes a stylish centrepiece and a great place to keep spare bedding or even your DVD collection.

There you have it, a few simple ways to add some extra storage to your home without incurring the expense of moving house.