Giving Your Garden Some Privacy- How Can It Be Done?

Your home should be your private paradise. Somewhere you can relax, and be free to truly be yourself. Within the safety of your home, you can relax and rest without the world peering in. You are free to be you. To do the things that you’d rather the world not see. When you are at home, you shouldn’t have to worry about makeup or what you are wearing. You don’t have to worry about what anyone else thinks of you or the judgement of strangers. Your walls are your safety net. But what about your garden? Your gardens, both front and back, are still a part of your home domain. You should still be able to feel free and safe. You should be able to sit outside in your pj’s reading a book in the morning, or drinking a glass of wine later in the day. You should even feel happy sunbathing topless if the mood takes you. But, without any privacy, you might not. If your house is right on the main road, the world might be able to see your front garden easily, and if you’ve got neighbours either side, your back garden might not offer much more privacy. While the easy answer would be to install tall, solid fences that block everything out, this isn’t always ideal. If you’ve got a smaller garden, fences can make it feel even smaller, and block out the view. So, here are some other ways to give your garden some privacy. 

Add Trees
Tall trees and hedges from sites like Hedgeplants Heijnen can give you as much privacy as a fence, without totally blocking everything off or taking nature away. They look great, they add atmosphere and bring nature into your space. If you’ve got a drive, lining it with hedges and trees can even add a touch of drama. 

Create Zones
If you don’t want to block your whole garden off with fences and trees, but you still want some of your own private space, why not split your garden into zones. Keep the fences low to maximise your view and give you a chance to chat with your neighbours, but add a cosy corner, at the back of the garden and away from everything else, perhaps behind a shed, or in a fenced-off zone, you could even add a screen or hanging to divide the space. Use this as your private area, keeping the rest of your garden as it is. 

Add a Secret Garden
Could you bring your shed forward? Adding a path around the side to create a small secret garden behind it? Or could you add a dividing wall or fence, surrounded by pretty flowers, tall shrubs and climbing plants, hiding a path through the middle leading to a secret seating area? Make sure your secret garden is filled with wildflowers and greenery. Add a small water feature to attract nature and try to make it as pretty and delicate as possible. 

Add a Water Feature
A water feature won’t mean that people can’t see into your garden. But, the sound of trickling water will make it harder for them to overhear your conversations, not to mention the fact it will drown out traffic and noise from the street as you sit in your outdoor space.