In the Night Garden - Enjoying Your Garden When The Sun Goes Down

Everyone loves spending time in the garden in the middle of the day when the sun is out. Yet, our gardens can also offer a calm and nurturing environment for us to enjoy, even at night. Read on to find out how to enjoy your garden when the sun goes down. 

Light it up 
One of the most straightforward and effective things that will help you enjoy your garden at night more, is to make sure it's well lit. Now, this doesn’t mean installing halogen lights that are so bright, that it still feels like Day. Instead, a delicate touch and a warm glow provided by clever lighting solutions will create a magical garden feel. In particular, the lights from GlowGrounds like their colourful mushroom varies will generate an ethereal and enchanted feel. They are easy to install and solar-powered too, so you won't have to worry about paying for additional energy, or harming the environment

Get warm and cosy 
Often, when the sun goes down the temperature drops too, as this can encourage people to leave the garden space and go indoors. However, by making sure everyone stays warm and cosy you can extend the time you spend in the garden. The good news is there are many warming options to consider. The first is to invest in some plush throws, cushions and blankets that can be brought out when the temperature drops. Secondly, a fire pit is a glorious idea, as you get to benefit not only from the warmth but the flickering glow of the flames provides some gentle entertainment for your group. Lastly, there are outdoor heatings available, that run on gas, or that can be installed on a wall and wired into your home’s electrical system. The benefit of these is that they will provide almost instant heat, so they are especially convenient. 

Eat Alfresco 
Another strategy that can help you enjoy your garden more as the sun goes down is to eat outside. Indeed, eating alfresco can be a very pleasant experience, and you can further enhance it by making sure you are set up properly. Firstly you will need a comfortable table and chairs. Wood is better here if you plan to have supper outside as it won’t get so cold when the sun goes in. Opting to cook on a BBQ is a good choice too, as you can benefit from the radiant heat that it gives off, as well as get particularly tasty and lighter food like kebabs which are ideal for a later supper. 

Breathe it in! 
Lastly, even though what you can see in your garden may be more limited at night, you can play to your other senses to enhance your experience. In particular, make sure you have plants that release gorgeous scents, especially in the nighttime hours can make an evening in your garden a very pleasurable experience. Why not go for a Sweet Rocket or Hesperis matronalis. These pretty pink and white flowers are delicate, and they flower twice a year too, so you get double the crop. Their scent is sugary and sweet, and they will improve your nighttime garden experience, no-end.