Could Variety Be The Spice Of Your Garden?

We’ve all heard that 'variety is the spice of life'. It’s one of those sayings we use to push us into new experiences- but this saying from William Cowper’s 1785 poem can also apply to your garden. A blank expanse of unbroken lawn is never going to set your green fingers tingling. It’s never going to inspire you to spend more time outside. In fact, if you don’t inject a little variety, you may not even open those back doors from one month until the next. By comparison, adding something extra could see you looking for excuses to head out. It’ll undoubtedly become the spice of your outside life. But, how exactly can you add variety to a garden which is pretty basic?

A varied colour palette 
Your outside colour palette needs to be your priority here. Nothing can transform an uninspiring outdoor space faster than a touch of the rainbow. Your best bet here would, of course, be to implement a few flower beds around the edges of your bare lawn. By then planting a whole array of coloured plants, you can brighten this space no end. If you don’t fancy work like that, you could always start smaller with potted plants. By focusing on different coloured pots, and funky flowers, even this could add the variety you need. Bear in mind, too, that mixing colours up can often have the best impact here. If you stick with groups of colours, for instance, you may struggle to liven things up in quite the same way. Don’t be afraid to have fun, and try mixing things in ways you would’ve never dreamt of before. The results might just surprise you. 

A textured lawn
As much as we all want plenty of greenery in our gardens, too much grass could harm the use your garden sees. That’s because it limits the options you have for this space. But, by getting stuck in with a variety of textures, you could open up the possibilities of your garden. Incorporating paving slabs, for example, could see you making use of garden tables like those offered by Alice's Garden. Adding a pond could well finish off your whole outside space. Note, too, that the more textures you incorporate, the better. Why not play around with paving slabs, water, and pebbles to break up your grass? As easy as that, your simplistic garden could become a haven for exploration. 

A wide range of wildlife
Speaking of exploration, variety in the wildlife you attract to your garden is the ideal finishing touch. We spoke not too long about about how to turn your garden into a nature haven. By putting as many of those pointers in place as possible, you could invite all manner of wildlife into your space. Then, you can bet that every trip into your garden comes complete with a discovery. Over time, that alone could see you, and the wildlife around you, making far more regular use of that garden.