Turn Your Garden into a Haven for Nature

Britain has more than fifteen million domestic gardens, many of them teeming with life. Much of the time it is hidden though, and that is a shame as nature can be so beautiful. There are ways to encourage wildlife to show itself, and that can be brilliant to see, especially for children. Just recall how excited you were as a child to see a frog or a hedgehog and you will want your family members to experience the same.

Foods that are meant for birds will attract them much more than scraps of bread or bacon that some people put on their wooden bird tables. Many more people are realising this and food for wild birds has become big business in the UK. They tend to be high-energy foods such as sunflower seeds, which the birds find much more appetising and they are better for them. People who use this specialised food will attract a variety of different species into their garden, and it can be a sight to behold when you realise the birds have learned to pick out their favourites and leave the rest behind.

Pond Life
It doesn't need to be a deep or big pond to attract some wonderful creatures. Frogs, insects, and even flowers will grow quite happily in a small pond. However, if there are toddlers in the family it should be very shallow to protect them from slipping in and hurting themselves. A shallow pond will still attract pond life though and when you see the water lilies with a frog sitting on a leaf, you will be so glad you dug out a small pond in your garden. They're a great way to teach children about nature as well. They can watch the frogspawn turn into tadpoles and eventually into handsome frogs.

Some people get nervous about attracting insects into their garden but it's all about attracting helpful species such as pollinators (bees and butterflies) and insects that keep pests under control naturally. For this to happen you will need the right plants to attract them, and their caterpillars need these to feed on too. Sometimes it is hard to tell which is a moth and which is a butterfly, but the ones that grow in the wild all tend to be a sight to behold.

Squirrels and foxes may pass through your garden, but you have to be lucky to see them. Nets of hanging nuts may attract some squirrels and it can be fun to watch as they fathom out the different ways to reach them. They will also sometimes get into a scrap with birds over their food, as squirrels like similar things. If you have fields nearby, hedgehogs might wander into your garden but they can be in danger from any cats that are local. Allow parts of your garden to become a bit overgrown as that will always encourage wildlife of all types. They like to feel they have somewhere to hide if they get nervous, which just isn’t there in a totally manicured garden.