A Pet Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas. Are You Ready?

There may come a time when you are wondering whether or not to introduce a pet into your life. There are a lot of different animals that would love to live with you, it is all about finding the one to suit you and your lifestyle. You have some of the common household pets such as cats and dogs, then you have some of the not so common ones such as bearded dragons.  Whichever pet you decide to get, you need to know you are ready and committed. You have to remember, a pet is for life and not just for the month or two when you want it. Ask yourself some of the following questions to find out if you are truly ready for a pet. 

What Pet Do You Want?
One of the first questions you need to consider and really think about is what pet you actually want. As mentioned earlier you have the opinion of common and uncommon pets depending on the type of person you are. You might really love the idea of having a snake or a lizard. These don’t require much of your time but they do need food and a great cage set up. If you want something like a cat or a dog then you need to ask yourself other questions about your capability of caring for them. 

What's the Cleaning Routine?
If you are a very clean person then you may ask yourself if the pet you want to get is clean. Do they keep themselves clean or will you need to take time out to clean up after them? This is true for many pets, cats will need their litter tray cleaning and dogs will need to have their poop picked up. Think about a pet that has minimal cleaning and go from there, if you like your home to be spotless then maybe a pet isn’t for you. 

Where Will They Come From?
This one might seem straightforward and obvious but there are a few places you can get them from. This includes the pet store, an adoption center or breeder. You need to check where your animal is coming from as you don’t want them to have any nasty illnesses or diseases. For example, if you are getting a puppy then the last thing you want is for them to come from a puppy farm. They can have all sorts of things wrong with them including parvo which can unfortunately end your time with a dog prematurely. You can also get animals from abroad, make sure they are from a reputable animal charity or shelter. 

Are They Legal?
You may be aware that in certain countries there are many breeds of pets that are banned. This means it would be illegal for you to own one. For instance, they have just bought in the ban on XL bullies in England. In a few states across America, Bengal cats are also banned. You really need to check which pet you want and see if they are on the illegal/banned list. You don’t want to get one, fall in love with them, and then be told to get rid of them. 

How Much Space Do You Have?
Something you need to consider before getting any sort of pet is how much space you have in your home. There is no point wanting a big dog if you only live in a small apartment. This won’t be fair to you or your pet. How much space your pet needs will all depend on the type of animal they are and how big they can grow. Don’t be selfish when it comes to wanting a pet, just because it is what you want doesn’t mean it is what you should have. If you have a small home then you still have options, it might just be a case of working out what they are.

Where Will They Sleep?
Another thing to consider when it comes to getting a pet is where will they sleep? If you are getting a roaming animal such as a cat or dog then they will need a bed or somewhere else to rest. If you don’t want them sleeping on your bed or the sofa then you need to offer them somewhere else. It might also take a bit of training so they actually know to go there to sleep. This could be a bed in your room or in the living room. Some people create a little cat or dog home under the stairs. 

What Will They Eat? 
Every pet will need different food types. For instance, cats and dogs eat wet food and biscuits while reptiles such as bearded dragons will need live food such as crickets. Do be aware, you need to find the right food for your pet and this might not be the one you originally planned. Pets tummies can be extremely sensitive so you don’t want to upset them with different food they aren’t used to. When you have a domesticated pet such as a cat or dog it can be tempting to feed them off your plate. The issue with this is you may have something they can’t eat or they are allergic to. There are some aspects of meat that your carnivore pet can’t eat, for instance, pork bones can be harmful to cats

Does Everyone Want The Same Pet?
Have you spoken to everyone in your house about getting a pet? Some people may agree and be really excited about it, for instance the kids and others might not be on the same page. A pet is not just for Christmas, this is what some people forget. When you get a cat or dog for example, you need to think about who is going to look after them when you go away on holiday. If not everyone is on the same page then there will always be some resentment towards the pet. 

Do You Have Children?
If you have children then these should always be your first priority. If you want to get a pet then they will need to be okay with children. You wouldn’t take your children to the zoo and let them into the enclosures to play with the animals so don’t expose them to the same risks at home. There are cats, dogs, and other animals who simply don’t want to be around children. Check out different types of animals and which ones get on with children. For example, if you want a dog then how about a boxer dog or golden retriever. They are wonderful with children. 

Think Of Temperaments
Something you need to think about when it comes to getting a pet is how well they will get on with everyone in the house. There are certain animals that won’t have the same attitudes as you. On the other hand there are pets that simply don’t care where they are and how they act. The best pet that is wonderfully adaptive would probably be the bulldog, if you are lazy then so are they. If you want to go for a walk they will come but expect them to sleep for hours afterwards. Temperaments are important as you don’t want an aggressive dog or a dog that becomes destructive when they are bored. 

Will They Need Walks?
Are you wanting to get a pet that needs to be taken out on a walk? A dog for example needs daily walks, this gives them a chance to visit the bathroom rather than doing it in your home. You need to think about whether you have the time to walk a pet, if not, maybe get one that stays indoors all day. A cat can go out themselves and do their business outdoors, one you don’t need to pick up. Most other household pets will need to be cleaned out and given fresh bedding, hamsters and other rodents for instance. 

Costs Involved
If you think the costs end once you have got your pet home then you are wrong. Something a lot of people forget is that they may have ongoing vet costs to consider. This may be especially true if you get a pet who has pre-existing conditions. If you get a cat or dog from a rescue center for instance, they can have many things wrong with them. You will also need to consider insurance costs, this can be incredibly high for some pets. It can also raise in price over the years as your pet gets older.