Easter Basket Ideas for All Ages

Easter baskets are a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday and show your loved ones how much you care. From classic treats to unique and personalised gifts, there are plenty of ideas to create the perfect Easter basket for anyone on your list. If this is something you're planning on doing, hopefully this post will give you some ideas for the types of things you can include regardless of who you're buying for!

Babies Easter Baskets
If the baby you're buying for is too young to enjoy chocolate, dont fret! You could add:
-Bath toys
-Teething toys
-Books such as the 'That's Not My' range (they have a bunny, chick and lamb which would be perfect)
-Cuddly baby animal teddy
-'My first Easter' onesie
-Tomy Toomies Hide and Squeak Eggs toy
Lots of baby toys and teddies already have things like bunnies, chicks and lambs on them so finding items that look festive for Easter is really easy. At this time of year especially you'll have no problem finding specifically Easter themed baby toys too. 

Kids' Easter Baskets
For kids, Easter baskets are all about the chocolate and toys. 
-Bunny ears
-Bubble wand
-Easter craft kit like an Easter bonnet kit, pastel coloured beads or egg painting kit
-Easter themed novelty toys such as egg bouncy balls and wind-up chick and bunny toys
-Books with an Easter or baby animal theme
-New pjs
-Sweets, chocolate and Easter eggs!
There are loads of adorable baskets and boxes out there for children and babies in places like B&M and Home Bargains that are super cheap. Tie an Easter themed helium balloon to the handle for added wow factor. 

Teen Easter Baskets
Teens can be a bit trickier to please, but there are still plenty of fun Easter basket ideas. 
-Phone case
-Gift card
-New pjs
-Sweets, chocolate and Easter eggs!
You could make it more 'Easter themed' by choosing items in pastel colours, or simply by decorating the basket that you put everything in to make it look festive. Shredded pastel coloured paper, pastel coloured decorative eggs and other cute bits and pieces to tie everything together. 

Adult Easter Baskets
For adults, focus on gourmet treats 
-Artisanal chocolates
-Gourmet popcorn
-A bottle of wine or alcohol
-Pampering items like scented candles, bath salts, or bubble bath
-A cosy throw blanket. 

Family Easter Baskets
Gifting to a family? Fill a basket with items that everyone can enjoy!
-Board games
-Movie tickets
-A puzzle
-Snacks and treats
-Decor items like a cute table runner or Easter wreath
Find a large basket or hamper to put everything in, make it look super impressive by finishing it off by wrapping in clear cellophane and popping on a big bow. 

Easter baskets are a fun and thoughtful way to celebrate the holiday and show your loved ones how much you care. Have a great time putting them together!