More Creative Cooking: Using Fruit in Savoury Dishes

Fruit in savoury dishes may seem like an unusual combination, but the sweetness of fruit can add an unexpected depth of flavour to many dishes. If you want to get more creative with your cooking and experiment with balancing sweet and savoury flavours or try some dishes from around the world then adding fruit is a great place to start. Here are a few delicious dishes that incorporate fruit in unexpected ways to give you some ideas.

Orange and Rosemary Chicken
Orange and Rosemary Chicken is a delicious and easy weeknight dinner that combines bright citrusy flavours with earthy and slightly bitter rosemary. Mix together orange juice, zest, grated garlic, and chopped rosemary and marinate the chicken in it for 30 minutes. Heat olive oil in a frying pan and cook until golden brown. In the same pan, add the remaining orange juice marinade and rosemary, bring to a boil, and reduce until it thickens into a sauce. Serve the chicken with the sauce spooned over the top for a delicious and balanced dish.

Grilled Peach and Parma Ham Salad
This fresh and flavourful salad is the perfect summertime dish. Start by grilling ripe peaches until they're lightly charred and softened. Next, layer slices of Parma ham on top of a bed of greens and top with the grilled peaches. Finish with a drizzle of balsamic glaze and crumbled goat's cheese. The combination of sweet peaches, salty Parma ham, and tangy cheese is a match made in heaven.

Pork Tenderloin with Cherry Sauce
This delicious main course features juicy pork tenderloin paired with a sweet cherry sauce. Start by searing the pork tenderloin in a hot frying pan until browned on all sides. Next, add a mixture of fresh cherries, red wine, and chicken stock to the frying pan and let it simmer until the sauce has thickened. Serve the pork tenderloin with the cherry sauce spooned over the top for a sweet and savoury dish that's sure to impress.

Strawberry and Balsamic Glazed Chicken
This delicious dish is the perfect combination of sweet and savoury. Start by marinating boneless chicken breasts in a mixture of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and freshly chopped strawberries. Next, grill the chicken breasts until fully cooked and brush with the marinade during the cooking process. Serve the chicken with a side of your choice and enjoy the sweet and tangy flavours of the glaze.

These are just a few examples of the many ways you can incorporate fruit into savoury dishes. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy weeknight dinner or a dish to impress your guests, fruit can be the secret ingredient that takes your meal to the next level. So next time you're in the kitchen, try adding a touch of sweetness to your savoury dishes and see how it transforms the flavours.