What factors are important when choosing an aesthetics practitioner?

How common are aesthetic procedures like dermal fillers Kent in the UK today? A worrying 59% of 51,000 respondents, aged 13 to 24-year-olds, to a VICE UK Snapchat survey are of the view that facial injectable procedures are equivalent to a haircut or manicure. Our obsession with looking good on social media and always-on-camera lifestyles have meant that we have turned to non-surgical treatments that create the perfect look.

While there are distinct advantages to using non-surgical aesthetic procedures for a more youthful glowing appearance, it is important to bear in mind that there are also risks attached. These risks are more likely when having an inexperienced, untrained and unqualified aesthetics practitioner carry out the procedure. Dangers of facial injectable procedures include discolouration, skin bruising, infections, lumpy appearance, scarring and blocked vessels.

According to Save Face, excellent patient care, desirable aesthetic outcomes and high standards of practice are to be expected when choosing practitioners who are accredited to carry out non-surgical beauty treatments.

How to choose an aesthetics practitioner

Make competency a priority. People choose practitioners according to their own set of requirements. Some people may want to opt for the cheapest price, while others look at experience and reputation in the industry. Not all aesthetics practitioners offer the same level of patient care and safe practice methods, so choosing a practitioner should involve a careful selection process.

As important as competencies are, so too is having the proper credentials. For an aesthetics practitioner, this would include training, qualifications, skills and relevant accreditation. Accreditation offers peace of mind and assuredness that the practitioner abides by an ethical code of practice that looks after patient interests.

A good aesthetics practitioner is one who doesn’t pressurise you into a treatment plan but rather provides you with all the relevant accurate information to help you decide for yourself. The treatment plan should be tailored to suit your individual needs, beauty goals and preferences. 

In this day and age of the internet, finding reviews about a service provider is easy. The aesthetics clinic website is a good place to start. There are also Google reviews to consider as well as other dedicated review sites. These reviews are generally good indicators of the kind of patient experience you can experience with that same practitioner.

Not all facial injectable products offer the same level of quality results. When choosing a practitioner, also consider the brand of product they use. Find out as much as you can about that product from independent sources and have a list of questions to ask the practitioner. Questions such as ‘why have you chosen to use this particular brand?’ and ‘how satisfied are your patients with the results produced by this product?’ are good ones to ask.

The best way to establish whether an aesthetics practitioner is the right one for you is with an in-person consultation. Are you able to trust this practitioner with your health and appearance? It goes without saying that trust is more than a nice-to-have factor; it is indispensable.