Need help with a lost tooth? Dental Implants Leicester can help!

The world is an ever-evolving place of wonder; lost teeth in years gone by was a truly devastating problem, but now dental implants Leicester has become the solution of choice. Lost a tooth? No problem! The only real solution used to be replacing the gap with a dental bridge and attach it to a tooth next to the missing tooth. This will mean having to grind down an adjacent tooth to be able to secure the bridge. Developments in dentistry, with the help of modern technology, have changed all that. An implant does not require another tooth to hold it in place because it mimics natural teeth, which stand alone attached to a root.

Prevention is still key

From the time that our teeth first break through our gums, which can happen from four months old, it is important to be taught the importance of oral health care. By the time an adult reaches 21, they should have all their adult teeth; those teeth have to last a lifetime! If children are taught to brush their teeth from a very young age, it is hoped that by 21, oral hygiene routines will be part of their lifestyle. Unfortunately, that is not always the case; a recent survey found that 39% of adults in the UK, aged between 25 and 30, go for a week without brushing their teeth. 

A stable and safe alternative

Fortunately, dental researchers and developers have been working to find a way to replace lost teeth using nature as a guide. Dental implantology has been tried for centuries, even as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. They tried many different techniques and materials, even seashells. It was only in the 1950s that a workable variation was discovered. Since then, the procedure, materials and equipment have evolved in leaps and bounds. All this hard work has resulted in a procedure that provides a stable platform and is safe. It is now possible to have a tooth replaced and to be able to eat, drink and smile naturally.

Physical and oral health assessment

A tooth replacement involves a very thorough examination as there are certain criteria that a patient must fulfil in order to have a tooth replaced using implantology. The general physical health of the patient is extremely important, and their oral health, especially jawbone health, is vital. After an in-depth examination and assessment have been performed, a treatment plan will be produced; this will detail the specific goals and priorities of the treatment.  

Replacement of one tooth or more

It is possible to replace up to four teeth in a row on a single implant. A full set of teeth can be set on as few as four implants. The density of the jawbone is extremely important, and in some cases, a bone graft may be required to increase bone density. The latest technology in bone grafting has increased the number of patients who can now have this procedure. Once the procedure has been completed and the healing period has passed, the patient can return to using their teeth as usual. Brushing and caring for the new crown is no different from how you would your natural teeth.