How do you find the perfect dentist?

If you are looking for a dentist Meath, you may not know where to start beyond asking a friend or family member or searching it up online if you’re new to the area. While these are all valid options, further preparation for finding your dream dentist is advisable if you are hoping to stay with the dental practice for the foreseeable future. While everyone’s search criteria may vary, there are a few things that are always worth considering.

Location, location, location

Finding a dental practice close to home may be the right choice for you, but others may wish to find one close to work or local transport links. If you are planning to go by car, you may also wish to find out whether or not there is a car park or whether you will need to pay for parking, which can be more costly and time-consuming. Doing your research about the geographical implications of your chosen dental practice can help you have a stress-free visit if you are armed and prepared to get there. Whether it is a short walk from the office or a bike ride away from home, don’t forget the importance of location!

Experience and expertise

Visiting a dentist should be akin to visiting your doctor. It is for this reason that it is well worth checking up on the experience and expertise of the staff at the practice. Checking out a dental practice’s website should help you learn more about the qualifications of the staff and whether or not they are accredited members of any dental groups. It goes without saying, perhaps, that all dentists should be registered with the Dental Council of Ireland, but they may also have won awards and done further postgraduate training, specialising in treatments such as dental implants, for example. 

If you can’t find this information on the website, why not call the practice or visit them in person to ask the reception staff for more information? This should give you the opportunity to get an idea of how friendly and helpful the staff are. If they take the time to answer questions such as these, then it bodes well for the rest of the care you can expect to receive from them when you visit them for dental treatment.

Opening hours

It’s definitely worth checking whether or not the dental practice has opening hours that will suit you. If the practice is close to where you work, you may be happy with a 9-5 offer. However, if you are planning to get treatment around your work schedule, you may be looking for early morning or late evening appointments. Some dental practices may also offer weekend appointments. 


You will need general dental care, and all dentists will offer this at their practices; however, you could benefit from considering what else they offer. Check out what their emergency dental care is and whether they offer specialist treatments for cosmetics, restorations or orthodontics. While you may not require any of these things now, you may in the future, and it could save you time if you go somewhere that offers various kinds of treatments, so you won’t have to move around again in the future. Check whether they have a treatment list with transparent costs as well.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, considering these things could save you time and money in the long run.