How can dental implants help to improve your confidence- and smile?!

Losing a tooth or even several teeth can be difficult to cope with.  This kind of issue saps a person’s confidence and can leave them feeling embarrassed about the way they look.  This can lead to social isolation, which can cause a whole host of other difficulties.  For many people, dental implants in Herefordshire provide a highly efficient solution to the problem of missing teeth.  This guide explores what they are and how they work, as well as explaining how this treatment can benefit the patient.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a way to treat tooth loss that is considered superior to alternatives such as dentures.  This is because they address the problem from the root, quite literally, implants are used to plug the gaps where the original roots of the teeth used to be.  They are made from titanium, a durable metal that has been used in dental treatments and for helping to mend broken bones for many years.

Can anyone get implants?

Anyone with missing teeth or just one lost tooth can potentially benefit from getting dental implants.  However, as they are positioned within the jawbone, it is important that this is in good health to be able to withstand the treatment.  If there is no sufficient healthy tissue, then the patient is not necessarily ruled out of getting implants, but may need to consider other procedures such as bone grafting.  The easiest way to find out about suitability is to consult with a dentist who can perform a full examination before advising on the best way to proceed.

Does the patient need to change what they eat?

One of the great benefits of having teeth replaced using implants is that they provide a reliable and stable base for permanent artificial teeth.  They can be treated just like natural teeth.  This means that there is no need to restrict the diet or to avoid any foods that might be difficult to eat if the patient has had their teeth replaced using dentures, for example.  The patient with dental implants can eat whatever they like, safe in the knowledge that their teeth will not move or shift out of place.

Are there lots of dental appointments required?

There are a few appointments needed when commencing and receiving treatment, but once it is complete, it is simply a matter of maintaining good oral health.  If the patient takes good care of their teeth, gums and implants, they should not need any more appointments with the dentist than any other patient.

How long do they last?

Dental implants are built to last.  Many patients find that they last for their lifetime, provided they have taken good care of their teeth in general.  Unlike dentures, there is no need to get them replaced at regular intervals unless there is a specific issue, which is relatively rare.

Can people tell if someone has implants?

Teeth replaced with dental implants are very natural looking.  The new teeth can even be matched in terms of shade and shape with the remaining teeth.  This means that no one else needs to know about the treatment unless the patient wishes to reveal the details.