Helping Your Dentist Help Your Little Ones

There’s a whole heap of reasons that small people aren’t so keen on the idea of the dentist St Johns Wood and a lot of the reasons are the exact same as why a lot of grown ups also aren’t so keen on the dentist. Telly, films, and word of mouth can all keep the dental chair a hard time of it and consequently culturally we’re a team of people who are super weary of the dentist and this isn’t great for a few reasons which we’ll jump into a little in this blog. 

Why Does The Dentist Have Such A Bad Rep?

Have you ever heard of inherited family trauma? No? Well it’s a thing and actually it’s a very serious thing for all sorts of reasons most of which we’re going to keep far away from in this blog, but it does have some super interesting theories and points that I think could be linked to why we have such poor outlooks on the dentist. 

Basically the theory talks about how if our ancestors felt or experienced some trauma that wasn’t healed that trauma then pases down to the next generation. Madness you might say but there’s actually tons of research supporting this theory and so it’s defo worth acquainting yourself with it. 

Why Is The Dentist St Johns Wood Relevant?

The dentist has gone on a massive evolution and particularly in the last twenty years or so. We now have machines that can inject anaesthesia pain free, we can remove teeth with minimal pain, we even have braces that are invisible! But not so long ago in the lives of our grandparents and even our parents the dentist was so high tech and pain free. The dentist was a place where things had to be done and when I say done I mean removed when decayed without pain relief and anaesthetic and as consequence lots of people experienced lots of real trauma in the chair. Trauma that was never healed and trauma that has since been passed on. 

Now, how you navigate this theory is really down to you, but when you think about it we aren’t born scared of the dentist, we learn about it and then adapt to fear it and those adaptations come from comments made by our parents or guardians. At the end of the day when you’re little your parents word is everything and if the person who’s supposed to protect you is scared then you’re sure going to be scared as well.

Where Does You Helping Your Dentist Come In To This?

It’s all about being conscious, becoming conscious of the language and behaviour you demonstrate around your children when discussing the dentist. Even a little grimace here or there, a small comment or a wary remark could very easily be picked up on and taken in and before you know it you’ve passed down your own issues, and while there was never any bad intention here it does have impact. We want a generation of kids with good healthy teeth and gums and that only comes with a good healthy relationship with the dentist.