Dental Implants - Taking Care Of An Investment

Dental implants Brentwood aren’t cheap, I think we can all happily agree on this. They are one of the most expensive dental procedures that can be completed along with being one of the most complex. They take ages to heal before you can have the final touches completed and you could even end up having to have a bone graft before you have them fitted. So why (if they’re so much of a bother) do people keep opting for them? 

Changing Lives Back

Tooth Loss can be a seriously tragic event in a person's life, whether you’ve lost a tooth in an accident or you’ve suffered so much dental drama that you’ve had teeth removed it’s hard. Our teeth are something we see a lot and they say a lot about us too, when we lose them it can be tricky, there have even been reports comparing the psychological loss to that of losing a limb. This is why dental implants in Brentwood are such a game changer and why more and more patients are choosing to invest time and money into them. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth in a way that no other tooth replacement system does, they are fixed to the jaw and have the potential to last a lifetime IF taken care of correctly. 


In the immediate aftercare of your dental implant surgery then you’ll want to make sure you are following the guidelines of your dental practice strictly. Dental implant surgery can be invasive and though it won’t take weeks and weeks to recover you will have some time where you need to go steady and be super conscious of the following: what you’re eating, is it hard or soft; what you’re doing, are you being sensible about how much movement you’re doing? And activities, no trips to the sauna, steam room or sunbed for a while as the heat can aggravate the surgical site. How many teeth you are replacing and whether or not you need a bone graft are the two biggest factors influencing your recovery time, but if you’re sensible and crack on you shouldn't have too much bother. 

Long Term Care

For some reason, people like to think that dental implants are false teeth and as such don’t need to be taken care of the way that natural teeth are. This isn’t correct. Now more than ever your teeth need to be taken care of well and diligently cared for. Cleaning them will be the same as cleaning your teeth using toothpaste, a toothbrush and flossing daily. You have invested a lot of money in your implants so you want to be caring for them to make them last. Dental implants can reject and fail and this usually happens when patients haven’t been following the correct cleaning process, proving how important it is. If you want them to last you should also be attending super regular checkups with your dental professional as they will help spot any signs of infection super early.