Dental implants in Bromley by internationally trained clinicians

Since the nineteen fifties when the concept of mimicking how natural teeth are fixed to the jawbone was first conceived decades of research and development has been done. At Bromley Dental Practice we have embraced this concept of tooth replacement. Our internationally trained team of dental clinicians supported by our friendly, experienced and skilled staff have been replacing lost teeth through dental implants in Bromley restoring confidence and smiles.

A stable solution

No two patients are the same and it requires a thorough oral examination and a candid discussion to determine which treatment suits which patient. Over the decades dentists have been educating patients on the need to devote more time and effort to developing a proper, regular and routine oral hygiene program. Losing a tooth as a result of an accident is sometimes unavoidable although wearing a gumshield during contact sport is advisable. Losing a tooth due to tooth decay is unnecessary and a proper dental maintenance program will help to reduce this type of tooth loss. For decades dentists could help patients by providing dentures or bridges and in certain circumstances today this is still a viable alternative. Dental implants however offer a far more stable and secure tooth replacement which will put a permanent smile on your face.

Dental implant suitability

Even with all the progress made in dental implantology there are still some patients who may not be eligible for this kind of treatment. A patient's jawbone will need to have reached full maturity and the bone will need to be dense enough to support an implant. A medical questionnaire is necessary to allow us to assess if there are any medical conditions present. Smokers and those with oral soft tissue problems will not be eligible. The research and development into dental implant techniques and equipment is constantly evolving resulting in more and more patients becoming eligible.

Treatment plan tailored around you

At Bromley Dental Practice we design your dental implant treatment plan carefully around you and your expectations. The hardware and software today takes into account every detail ensuring that you receive the best care and attention. Intraoral scanners provide 3D images of a patient's mouth while computer driven precision provides the exact location for the dental implant post, which acts as the root. If local anaesthetic is preferred this will be administered allowing for just sufficient to provide comfort during the procedure. Surgical guides can be designed and customised to further enhance the accuracy of the implant placement. Your crown will be perfectly designed and coloured to match your existing teeth.

Return to normal after the procedure

A patient's gums will usually be swollen and tender for about forty eight hours after the procedure. Patients are recommended to follow a diet of soft foods for a period of between ten and fourteen days after completion of the procedure. It is also advisable to avoid hot, spicy, acidic, crunchy and sticky foods for a week to ten days. Once the final dental assessment has been completed it will be possible to return to normal eating and drinking. You will also be able to brush and floss your teeth as normal, this will ensure the health and longevity of your teeth including your dental implant.