Considering Removable Braces with your Orthodontist in Liverpool

There are many different treatments available to help straighten your teeth with your orthodontist Liverpool. You need to book a consultation and undergo a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to make sure that teeth straightening is suitable for you. Your orthodontist Liverpool will be able to identify and assess the issues that are affecting the alignment of your teeth and they let you know which type of braces will be most suitable for you. If you have moderate teeth misalignment then your orthodontist Liverpool will recommend that you can undergo teeth straightening with a removable appliance.

Talk to your dentist Liverpool to find out more about Clear Smile aligners or the Inman aligner to straighten your teeth. These are both removable devices that are more convenient than traditional orthodontic braces in that they can be removed from your mouth as necessary. Aligners are designed to be more discreet than traditional orthodontic treatment and they also allow you to maintain better dental hygiene because they can be taken out of your mouth when brushing your teeth. With removable aligners, treatment times are also much shorter than traditional orthodontic braces. This is also because removable aligners are used to correct mild or moderate orthodontic issues, usually those that are affecting the visible teeth or the front teeth.

Clear smile aligners

Clear smile aligners are a series of aligners which are designed to gradually move your teeth into a neater formation. The aligners are made of clear thermoplastic and they are almost invisible in the mouth. Each aligner is designed to be worn for two weeks at a time and then you move on to the next aligner in the series. Clear smile aligners can take between 6 and 12 months to straighten your teeth and if you have complex orthodontic issues then this can be addressed within 18 months to help you achieve a brand new smile.

Inman aligner

If you are looking for a quicker solution for teeth straightening and if you are only addressing the front teeth then you can speak to your orthodontist Liverpool and find out about the Inman aligner. The Inman aligner is another removable orthodontic appliance but it works differently to clear smile aligners. An Inman aligner looks like a retainer that has a bow on the front of the teeth and a bow or arch on the inside part of the teeth that has springs attached. The front of the brace pushes the teeth inwards and the inside part pushes the teeth outwards so when it is in place the slow gentle forces help move the teeth into a neater formation.

Inman aligners are convenient and effective and similarly to Clear smile aligners you can maintain a good dental hygiene routine by taking them out of your mouth for eating, brushing and flossing. They are an excellent alternative to brackets and they work well for overcrowded teeth, protruding front teeth, gaps between the teeth, uneven teeth, misalignment of the teeth or in combination with other treatments and procedures as part of a smile makeover. Speak to your orthodontist in Liverpool today to find out more.