Bring back your younger self with help from the dentist

Most people do not like noticing that they are starting to look older.  Fine lines and wrinkles, missing teeth and teeth that are stained can all cause a person to feel past their best and to lose confidence in the way they look.  Fortunately, there is help to be had in the form of a range of transformative treatments from the dentist, including Botox Dublin, dental implants and teeth whitening.


The first signs of ageing are often lines in the forehead and between the eyebrows, and around the eyes.  These can cause a person to look tired or worried and older than they would like to appear.  Botox Dublin offers a solution to these issues.

Botox is a kind of protein that is injected into problem areas in a quick and easy procedure that takes just a few minutes.  It helps the muscles to relax, and the result is that lines disappear or are much reduced.  This can make the patient look considerably younger and fresher and help them to get their old confidence back.

Dental implants

Losing a tooth or even several teeth can be hard to cope with for many people.  They are sometimes too self-conscious to smile or even talk to other people. 

Tooth loss can also accelerate the ageing process.  This occurs because not only are there gaps where the teeth used to be, but there are spaces where their roots once were, too.  When the roots of the teeth are missing, a person’s facial structure can be altered, and this can cause them to look much older than they really are.

Dental implants can give patients their confidence back, helping them to feel good about their smile again.  They replace the roots of the teeth with stable and reliable titanium, which then act as a base for permanent artificial teeth.  The teeth can be matched to the remaining ones, giving a look that is completely natural.

This treatment helps to restore quality of life, which often helps people to rediscover their youthful vitality.  They can eat whatever they like and relax when chatting or laughing, safe in the knowledge that their teeth will not move out of position.

Implants can help to make a person look younger, as they allow them to retain their facial structure and prevent them from developing a shrunken look.  They also last for many years, and with good oral care, the patient should not require any more dental appointments than any other patient.  This means that the treatment can save the patient both time and money.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening products seem to be everywhere these days and can be purchased both online and in shops.  However, these products are unlikely to make any difference to the shade of the teeth or any staining, and some of them may even cause harm. 

The safest and most effective way to whiten the teeth is with the help of a dental professional.  They offer trays to be used with a whitening solution that are worn overnight for a couple of weeks.