Modern Ways Dentists Can Whiten and Straighten Teeth

If you’re looking to improve your oral health and ensure your teeth and gums are well looked after, regular checkups at your local dentist Soho is key. Thanks to advances in dentistry today, patients can also look forward to choosing from a diverse range of dental treatments with everything from orthodontics and porcelain veneers to facial aesthetics and professional teeth whitening. 

Transform the appearance of your smile with modern orthodontic solutions 
Are you feeling self-conscious about the current state of your teeth? Do you have crooked or overlapping teeth that are affecting the way you talk or eat? Invisalign is effective at helping to correct these dental issues along with an overbite, underbite and teeth crowding in patients. The great news is that the aligner trays are customised for each individual patient so that you can enjoy life-changing results at the end of your treatment plan. Dentists will take a personalised approach and find out about your smile goals as well as offer a complete examination and assessment to determine the ideal treatment plan for you. Clear aligners such as Invisalign offer a natural looking solution and are almost invisible in nature thanks to their clear aesthetic. If you feel self-conscious to wear traditional metal braces around your colleagues at work and would feel more comfortable with a discrete approach to straightening your teeth, Invisalign may be an ideal solution for you. Did you know that with these aligners they work in a similar way to traditional braces yet they don’t require regular visits to your dentist for tightening so you can enjoy less disruption to your schedule? Another great benefit of opting for orthodontics to help improve the state of your teeth is that it will result in improved levels of oral health care overall. Straighter teeth will enable patients to be able to target hard to reach places that were previously covered by overlapping teeth. This could result in plaque build-up or infection. 

Improve the colour of your teeth with a professional teeth-whitening treatment 
If you would like to find a simple treatment method that targets discoloration or visible staining on your teeth look no further than professional teeth whitening. This treatment can be performed at your local dental practitioner’s rooms and requires no downtime following the bleaching process. It won’t result in any discomfort or pain so you can feel peace of mind knowing it will be a pleasant experience. In addition to having an improved smile, patients can look forward to enjoying better oral health overall as it helps to target staining and plaque build-up in addition to whitening. One of the reasons it’s so important for dentists to target tartar and plaque present on the teeth is that it can lead to your tooth enamel being destroyed. This in turn may cause teeth sensitivity or cavities and in some cases tooth loss. The results may vary from each individual as this can be dependent on your personal preference and how white you intend to go with the bleaching agent.