Lost a Front Tooth? Sheen Dental Implants Have the Solution

Losing a tooth either through tooth decay or due to an accident will always be upsetting, but losing a front tooth is about as bad as it gets. It can be embarrassing smiling and cosmetically your confidence will be damaged, but Sheen Dental Implants are able to restore your tooth, and your confidence. 

A lost tooth affects your looks 
Tooth loss also has the effect of producing deterioration of your jawbone over a period of time. This jawbone deterioration will also affect your features as the support that your jawbone gives to your face slowly collapses. Dentures have been an aid to chewing but they unfortunately do not help strengthen your jawbone. 

Performing just like your natural teeth 
For decades the search has been going on in the dental profession for an effective method of replacing lost teeth. The challenge was to find a way of replacing lost teeth with an alternative that worked in the same way as your natural teeth. The discovery was made in the nineteen fifties and since then dental science and technology have been working together to develop a solution that mimics the way your natural teeth operate.

The procedure 
The procedure has been developed to such a high standard and the techniques used coupled with the skill of the dental practitioner have advanced to a stage where dental implants have become the go to solution to replace lost teeth. Modern technology plays a vital role and a variety of different software and dental tools are used. One of the areas where computer assistance has helped enormously is the software that allows the dentist to pinpoint the spot where the small hole needs to be drilled for the dental implant. The accuracy of this software means that the titanium pillar can be inserted into the jawbone exactly where it will be the most effective and efficient. Once the hole has been drilled and the titanium post placed, a temporary abutment is placed on top of the post and a recovery period of a few months is required. On the next visit the temporary abutment is removed and a permanent one inserted. Your new crown or prosthetic tooth which has been coloured and shaped to match your existing teeth is then attached to the abutment. The procedure is then complete, and you can face the world with no gaps in your teeth allowing you to smile broadly and confidently. 

Any number of teeth can be replaced 
Of course, it is preferable to retain your teeth and proper oral care will reduce the risk of tooth decay. Brushing at least twice a day and regular minimum six monthly dental visits should all be part of everyone's dental care regime. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and when this ends up with you losing a tooth then the solution has been developed to help you restore your mouth to a full set of teeth. The beauty of dental implants is that they are a solid and stable replacement. It is possible to replace four teeth in a row using a single implant and if your entire mouthful of teeth needs to be replaced this can be done using just four dental implants.