How Dental Checkups Can Benefit Your Overall Health

One of the oral health obligations that go largely under appreciated by many is the annual or bi-annual oral health check-ups at a qualified dentist Richmond. And yet these appointments are of vital importance to not only dental health but to overall health as well. Research by the Oral Health Foundation and Colgate Palmolive suggests that 84 percent of adults living in the UK are at heightened risk of experiencing dental decay. Dental decay is an undesirable disease that can have a far-reaching adverse impact on quality of life. Dental pain and tooth loss are the major consequences of dental decay that create all sorts of problems for the individual: masticatory challenges (biting and chewing), speech impediments, problems sleeping, lack of focus, loss of a smile and low confidence and self-esteem. The one sure-fire way to any of the challenges listed above is to stick to professional dental check-up appointments. Dental decay is a disease that is entirely preventable as long as one remembers to adhere to a few critically important pro dental recommendations. The risk factors for developing tooth decay include: consuming a high sugar diet (even a moderate sugar diet puts one at risk), not brushing one’s teeth twice a day, taking certain medications or having an underlying medical condition like diabetes. While all of the above do play a role, perhaps the most critical risk factor is not attending routine dental check-up appointments. 

The real value of dental check-up appointments 
Professional dental check-ups offer the best opportunity for a dental practitioner to ascertain the health of teeth and gums. He or she will conduct a thorough physical examination of the mouth (x-rays may be taken to provide a more accurate diagnosis) to identify red flags that point to dangers affecting optimal mouth function and health. Many symptoms of dental problems such as tooth decay first show themselves without symptoms such as pain which may come later when the problem has escalated. Similarly, poor oral health conditions such as mouth cancer can only be reliably detected by a dental practitioner. It is only when having one’s mouth examined by a knowing professional that these dental problems are picked up. 

When a dental practitioner picks up on worrying symptoms, they are also best placed to suggest suitable treatment methods to stop the progression of the problem or take remediation steps to rehabilitate the mouth back to full health. Dental check-ups ultimately save the patient time from attending treatment sessions to treat dental problems made complicated by leaving them to escalate as well as unnecessary costs which major dental treatments invariably are. Dental check-ups protect overall health too. When teeth are not cleaned properly, this creates an environment in the mouth for bad bacteria to thrive. These bad bacteria are not only the cause of all sorts of unwanted problems in the mouth but can enter the bloodstream to threaten heart and lung health too. 

There's no question of whether dental check-ups are worth the time and effort. These appointments are the only guaranteed way children and adults can protect the health and function of their mouths and the aesthetics of their smiles.