Hoping to Realign Your Smile? Why Not Try Invisalign?

Some people can be self-conscious when it comes to having misaligned teeth. Whether it’s avoiding smiling for the camera or cringing when they look in the mirror, it doesn’t have to be this way. Invisalign in Parramatta is a treatment for mild to moderate alignment issues such as crossbite, over or underbite, crowded or gapped teeth - that is convenient and offers flexibility of approach for the patient. What’s more, as the name suggests, Invisalign should be virtually invisible to other people when being worn! 

How does Invisalign work? 
Invisalign in Parramatta consists of a removable appliance. The plastic aligners are worn over the teeth and apply small amounts of pressure to push the teeth into the desired position over a period of time. Typically speaking, treatment could be completed in as little as 6 to 18 months. The aligners are made bespoke to fit your mouth using iTero technology. This is a digital scan that is used to get the measurements of your mouth and your dentist will send these to the Invisalign laboratory to have the aligners made bespoke for you. From this scan, they will also be able to generate a 3D animation to show you what your teeth will look like after treatment has been completed, before you even get started, which can be highly motivating for your Invisalign journey. Each week, you will need to change to a new set of aligners. You won’t need to see your dentist every week, though! Your dentist will be able to provide you with 6 weeks’ worth of aligners, before you will need to visit them for a check-up and to receive the next batch. 

What are the advantages of Invisalign? 
Invisalign offers a lot of plus points! Aside from the point that they shouldn’t be visible when they are being worn because they are made of transparent plastic, so only your teeth should be on show, they are also removable. This means that you can take them out when you want to eat and drink, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning the aligners after chewing your sushi! What’s more, you can then leave them out to brush and floss as well, allowing you to keep your high standards of oral hygiene, without having to worry about trying to brush around brackets or wires, for example. Another benefit of choosing Invisalign is the fact that the aligners should be comfortable to wear, because they are made bespoke for you. And, by being able to remove them for up to 2 hours a day, you can have a break if you ever need to. Invisalign affords convenience and flexibility of approach, leaving patients in control of when they wear their aligners. You may choose to remove them to play sports or attend a business meeting - the choice is yours. Invisalign also offers a range for teenagers, and as long as you have a full set of adult teeth, Invisalign could be for you. 

Find out more 
If you are interested in finding out more about Invisalign, you will need to find a dentist who offers this treatment. You may also like to know if they are Diamond providers or not - Invisalign’s highest level of accreditation for dentists. When you book in for an initial consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth thoroughly and will be able to advise if Invisalign is the treatment you need. If they do offer Invisalign, that’s a great reason to smile and say yes!