Enjoy the Lasting Benefits of Dental Implants

Have you recently lost a tooth? Are you hoping to receive treatment that could serve as a long-term solution? Did you know that dentures and bridges are not your only option out there? Thanks to modern dentistry and the advancement of dental technology you can enjoy dental implants Windsor for a truly natural looking solution. If you’re new to the concept of dental implants, they are clinically proven to offer a safe, durable solution to replacing loose or missing teeth. They offer a host of benefits and can help to look and function in a similar way to your natural teeth so you can restore your smile. 

What happens during the process of dental implant surgery? 
Did you know that when patients lose their natural teeth, their jaw bone and the tissue surrounding the bone can start to disappear over a period of time? Having implants will help to stimulate the remaining bone and encourage it to grow and mesh around the metal found in the implant. The first step of the dental implant process includes small metal screws that are placed into your jaw where the missing tooth was located. Once this has been firmly established, a crown or even a bridge or dentures can be fitted onto the implants. This will help to create stability as well as a natural looking solution for the missing or loose teeth. 

What are some of the benefits of having implants to restore missing teeth? 
One of the leading advantages of having dental implants is that it offers a natural looking replacement so you can smile confidently without hesitation. Another advantage is that they help to restore your ability to eat and drink in the same way as your natural teeth so you don’t have to restrict or eliminate any foods from your diet. Patients can also enjoy improved levels of speech and pronunciation as dental implants help to work closely with your tongue to develop certain sounds. This may positively impact your levels of self-confidence as you are able to communicate clearly with your friends and family members. In addition to this variety of benefits, implants also help to improve your oral health and you will be less at risk to develop gum disease and the buildup of plaque over time. 

How do you look after dental implants? 
For those patients worrying about how to clean their implants, the process is simple and is exactly the same as cleaning natural teeth. Simply brush your teeth and implants using toothpaste as you normally would and you can even include flossing to your daily routine. 

Do dental implants require major surgery for the installation process? 
The process will require the patient to have a minor surgical procedure with local anaesthetic. Implants are fitted under strict sterile conditions in order to ensure the environment is hygienic and the process is clinically safe. Patients are able to have the implants fitted in the dental chair and will require a healing period of around twelve weeks following the surgery. The good news is that dental implant surgery only results in minimal pain and discomfort which can be treated with general over-the-counter painkillers if need be.