Dreaming of Pearly Whites? Why Not Make Your Dream Come True!

There are many factors that can contribute to people’s teeth appearing discoloured and stained. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, drinking coffee and red wine, taking certain medications or having an illness causing teeth to become discoloured are just some of the reasons people have to bear their smile not looking like something in a magazine. However, teeth whitening Macleod can address some of these issues. There are different methods of teeth whitening, but it is typically advised to get these treatments from a dentist rather than from the internet or from a beautician, where products can cause damage to the teeth and gums if they are unsafe. 

How does teeth whitening work? 
If you are considering teeth whitening, your dentist will be able to offer either a home whitening treatment or a treatment that is carried out at the dental practice, or an option that combines the two. Which treatment you opt for will depend on your specific needs and circumstances, as well as your preferences. 

Home whitening 
Home whitening involves having custom-made trays to fit your mouth. You will then be provided with whitening gels to put into them and you will wear them at night for a couple of weeks. The whitening gels will contain different ingredients, depending on the brand that you are given. Well-known brands include Zoom! and Enlighten. Enlighten is the only brand that guarantees a Vita B1 shade, and also includes a session in the dental practice. Results will vary depending on the original shade of your teeth ordinarily, so this bold claim is perhaps a reason to look out for Enlighten as the treatment for you. 

Whitening in the dental practice 
If you have a treatment in the dental practice, this can involve laser whitening. A bleaching product is painted on to the teeth and then a laser is shone at the teeth. This activates the ingredients in the product and takes about an hour to complete. This treatment is often sought after when results are required fast, perhaps before a wedding, for example. When combined with home whitening, this is arguably the most successful way to yield results. 

Will my teeth be super white?! 
A word of caution when it comes to teeth whitening: results will vary depending on the original shade of your teeth. If your teeth become stained, but weren’t originally naturally white, then you may not get shining bright white teeth after treatment. However, teeth should always look improved, healthy and clean. While brushing and flossing regularly, as well as visiting the dental hygienist can keep your teeth clean, staining can still occur. Teeth whitening can be viewed as the way to get a great improvement in the appearance of your teeth. Avoiding caffeine, red wine and smoking, for example, is also a good way to ensure that your teeth remain bright after having any treatment for teeth whitening. 

If you are interested in getting a teeth whitening treatment, you will need to book in for an initial consultation with a dentist who offers this cosmetic treatment. A dental practice’s website typically outlines treatments offered or you can telephone them to enquire. During an initial consultation, your dentist will be able to examine your mouth thoroughly and discuss the treatment options with you. If teeth whitening is deemed appropriate, you could have a beautiful smile in as little as an hour to two weeks!