Caring For Your Dental Implants in the Long Term

If you have taken the plunge and invested your pennies in dental implants Navan, then you will surely want to look after them to ensure they last a lifetime. People can mistake having dental implants as being a way to spend less time on their teeth, but this is not the case. Although dental implants are false teeth, they need just as much attention as you would give to your natural teeth. 

Post-surgery aftercare 
When you have first had your dental implants fitted, you need to make sure you take time to rest and recover correctly. Just because you might feel like getting straight back to life does not mean your body does not need a little extra time to heal. Having time on the sofa and watching your favourite Netflix show is definitely recommended, and if household chores usually fall on your shoulders, this could be the week to enlist another member of the household to take them up. You should avoid chewy and hard foods for the first few days and try soft things such as yoghurts, smoothies and cereals. All of this can help the implant site heal as it needs to and not add any unnecessary stress or pressure to the crown or anchor. You need to avoid saunas, steam rooms, heavy exercise and pools as all these factors could slow down the healing process too, and really the thing you need is for the site to get healed as soon as possible. 

Moving forward 
One of the major benefits of dental implants is that they can last a lifetime. Now, there are a few factors that can cause this not to happen, some of which are out of your control, such as bone degeneration due to a health condition, but sometimes, the reason implants come loose is totally avoidable, and like most things in oral health, it comes down to your oral hygiene routine. 

Oral hygiene 
When you have dental implants, you must keep on top of your oral health and how you clean your teeth as it is imperative in keeping your implants healthy. Brushing twice daily is a minimum, but you could brush after every meal as a standard. Lots of people can disregard flossing as it can be very time-consuming, but it is in fact just as important as brushing as it is the only way we can get deep down into the gum line to clean out all the bad bacteria and germ build-up. 

Why is this so important? 
Just as with gum disease, you can suffer from peri-implantitis, which is essentially the exact same thing but just for implants. If you were to develop this and it was left untreated, you could quickly find yourself in dangerous waters with your implants and even lose them.