Why Choose Invisalign?

Invisalign in Sheffield is a very popular choice of treatment when it comes to cosmetic dental work. This is because it delivers great results and boasts a wide range of benefits that other means of teeth straightening simply do not offer. This is an exploration of exactly what the treatment involves and what the patient can expect while they are in the process of getting the smile they have always wanted. 

What is Invisalign? 
Invisalign is a particular brand of invisible or clear braces. These braces take the form of transparent trays of very soft plastic that are placed over the teeth. The trays are also known as aligners. The patient has their aligners changed every few weeks. Each set helps to gently nudge the teeth into a better position until the desired result has been achieved. 

This is one of the main reasons that people choose these devices. Teenagers are often already self-conscious about how they look, and this can be especially true if their teeth are misaligned. In many cases, the last thing they want is for the whole world to know that they are wearing braces. Invisalign offers the ideal solution to this issue, as it allows the young person to have the treatment that they need without anyone having to know that it is going on. Adults and older patients also appreciate the fact that these braces are not noticeable to others. People who did not have the opportunity to have their smile improved in their youth may feel a little unsure about having orthodontic treatment later in life. They do not want their colleagues to know they are wearing braces, and they want to be able to attend social events without feeling embarrassed. Clear braces allow them to enjoy all the benefits of having orthodontic treatment without having to let anyone else know about it. 

No need to change diet 
People who are wearing other types of braces, such as the traditional metal kind, usually have to make some changes to what they eat during treatment. Fortunately, there are no such issues with clear aligners. This is because they are designed to be removed for mealtimes. The patient takes the braces out, enjoys their food and then brushes their teeth before putting the trays back in. This means that they can eat whatever they like, and they do not have to exercise any caution when it comes to enjoying favourite foods and even trying out new ones. It is worth bearing in mind that the patient needs to exercise a little self-discipline when it comes to eating during treatment, particularly if they have previously been keen on snacking. The braces should be worn for most of the day every day; ideally around 22 out of every 24 hours. If the patient is frequently taking them out for snacks and extra treats outside of mealtimes, then they might not get the best possible results from Invisalign. 

Fast treatment 
Other types of braces often involve waiting for years before the treatment is complete. People who choose clear braces can get results within a matter of months in many cases. This is especially desirable if they have already waited years to get their sought-after smile.