Tips For a Successful Dental Website

There are many important factors which make up a good dental website that are necessary in order to make sure that your website is successful in this overcrowded market. Most dental websites are created by website design teams, so it is important that you contact an award-winning digital dental marketing team. This is to make sure you have a modern, bespoke website that is in keeping with current trends, but also stands out from amongst the competition. 

Regular updates
Your website needs to be updated on a continuous basis with fresh content, blogs, special offers and promotions, as well as new reviews and testimonials. This will help to encourage visitors to continue to come back to your website and learn more about the importance of good dental health and why they should consider undergoing dental treatment at your clinic rather than with your competitors. 

Most dental practices and their respective dental websites offer the same treatments and procedures, so it is important that you differentiate yourself from your competitors to attract patients to you. Competitor analysis of dental websites from your area will tell you what your rivals have to offer, the treatments and procedures available, and their areas of expertise. Therefore, you will know what you need to include and what you can emphasise to set you apart from the other practices that are nearby in your geographical vicinity. A quick and easy way to attract patients is to have regular special offers, discounts and promotions. These are an eye-catching incentive for existing patients to consider new treatments and a good way to attract new patients to consider your practice for undergoing their dental treatments. You may wish to add a patient referral system to help reward existing patients if they refer new patients to you. This will encourage them to speak to their friends and family to let them know about your dental practice. By providing incentives for new patients too this works to your advantage and to the benefit of your patients as well. 

Call to action 
It is important that when visitors are on your website there is plenty of encouragement for them to contact you and book an appointment. You need to have strong calls to action throughout your website to help with this. Your website design team can include a ‘click to call’ feature in the right-hand corner of each page of your website which is bright and prominent, encouraging patients to call you and speak to you in person. You could include a free online consultation where patients can upload a selfie of their mouth and smile from which you can encourage them to to book an appointment and visit you in person. You could also include a booking system so that they can book appointments directly. Finally, you should have a ‘contact us’ form for those who are unsure about speaking to you in person at the time, but you can contact at a later date or include on your mailing list. Speak to a digital dental marketing team today and find out more about maximising the potential of your website and making sure your dental practice continues to be a success.