4 Ways To Ensure Your Home Is Dog-Ready

So, you have decided to welcome a dog into your home! That's great news as not only will your new pet be great company for you, but you will have the opportunity to become the trusted owner your four-legged friend needs in his or her life. Still, before you begin the bonding process, it's important to make sure your home is dog-ready. This is for both your sake and theirs! Here are some of the things you need to do before you welcome your pet pooch through your front door.

Clear your home of things your dog will chew
If you are bringing an older dog into your house, this might not be such a big issue. But if you're about to welcome a puppy into your life, there will be all kinds of things they will want to get their jaw around when they bound around your home. There are your slippers for starters although, for the purposes of this point, we are thinking of those things that could be a danger. Electrical cords should be hidden or moved, for example, and any object that could become a choking hazard, such as any of your children's toys, should be moved into a dog-free area.

Remove or fence off any toxic plants
You need to be mindful of any plant that could be a danger to them in the garden, such as these toxic plants that are poisonous if ingested. Fence them off if you're desperate to keep them, being sure to fill any gap that your dog could crawl through. Alternatively, remove them altogether for better peace of mind. Think about the plants you keep inside your house too. Research them online and if you discover they are toxic, remove them or put them out of your dog's reach as soon as possible.

Consider a change of flooring
Unfortunately, dogs can be messy. Not only will they leave hair behind when they are resting on your floor or sofa but they might leave a trail of muddy footprints or a toilet accident occasionally too. To make your life easier, it might be wise to consider a change of flooring, especially in those areas where your dog will be wandering. Consider hardwood or vinyl flooring when shopping at your local carpet shop as this will be easier to keep clean than traditional carpet. Of course, dogs also appreciate something soft to lie on so if you do opt for a change of floor, you might also pick up a rug when shopping, as you can easily shake the hairs off whenever it gets messy. Regardless of whether you change your floor or not, check out our tips on keeping a clean home with pets

Set up your dog's space
Your dog should have a place to call his own, with a comfortable bed, toys, and a nearby supply of food and water for whenever he gets hungry or thirsty. This should also be a place for your dog to retreat to whenever he needs time on his own, especially if he's timid and needs a break from your noisy visitors or your vacuum cleaner!