Top Tips For Helping Your Little One Get To Sleep

 According to recent studies, newborns should be spending between 14 and 17 hours sleeping every day. However, if you were to repeat this guidance to any sleep-deprived parents of a newborn, they are sure to laugh in your face. After all, the first few months after you welcome a child into your home are full of sleepless nights, fights over who has to do the 2 am feed, and wondering if you’ll ever feel rested again. However, while 17 hours of sleep may seem impossible, especially when your little one is a ball of energy - it’s important that they are able to get the rest they need.

Photo by Garrett Jackson on Unsplash

With that in mind, here are some top tips for helping your baby sleep better. 

  • Furthermore, when it comes to designing the perfect bedroom for your kids, you should focus less on stylish decor and more on comfort. After all, babies will not really care about how their room looks - they simply need a space where they are comfortable so that they are able to drift off. Thankfully, you can buy all the comfort items you need, such as Moses Baskets and blankets, from sites such as Foryourlittleone

  • Another way in which you can help your little one fall asleep a little quicker is by gently swaying them from side to side - whether they are cradled in your arms or in their basket. This is due to the fact that the repetitive motions associated with rocking your child help to trigger their brain's natural sleep rhythm - meaning they will fall asleep much quicker. However, this does take a little getting used to - as different children respond differently to being rocked and cradled. 

  • Playing gentle, soothing music is another great way to help your newborn fall asleep. The reasoning behind this is very simple; music helps us feel more relaxed, even as an adult. It creates the perfect atmosphere to lull babies to sleep in no time at all. However, you must ensure that you choose your music carefully. It’s often best to go for instrumental music that does not feature any lyrics or loud noises. 

  • As an adult, you are likely used to turning the lights off while sleeping. However, many babies find sleeping in the dark distressing - as it can feel quite alienating and confusing for them, especially if they wake up frequently throughout the night. Therefore, if you want to help them fall asleep, you should start by dimming the lights. This will help them feel sleepier without feeling afraid. Alternatively, you might also want to ensure you keep a nightlight close to their bed - which also remedies this issue.