Work from Home: 4 Essential Tips to Building a Productive Online Business

Starting a business isn’t easy. That being said, online businesses have offered great leverage for aspiring entrepreneurs— and all from the comfort of one’s home. Be it a small Internet shop, a website, or a growing business, productivity is key. For the aspiring at-home entrepreneur, here are 4 essential tips to building a productive online business. 

Design a Website
Let’s address the basics: you can’t have an online business without a website. Websites are responsible for showing your brand, sharing your services, and catering to customers. Therefore, your website must be organized and appealing. How a website is designed can affect a client’s interest. When creating your website, research the latest trends in web design. Different businesses, depending on their services, use different designs. Focus your research on a specific industry, rather than age or gender; research other businesses like yours and consider what makes their websites appealing. After, choose which platform you’d like to build your website with. There exist multiple website builders and e-commerce platforms that offer various templates and customizable choices. Choose the template that best compliments your preferences; however, make sure your choice also compliments your business brand. Finally, make sure your website includes a visible contact and “About” page; the least that you’d want is for a client to leave because your website misrepresented your business. 

Schedule Social Media
As a website, social media is a great resource for promoting your online business; it operates twenty-four hours a day, anytime and anywhere. That being said, posting each day manually can be exhausting, anxiety-inducing, and time-consuming. Instead, consider scheduling your posts during specific times of the day. An optimal way to do this is by using a scheduling tool. A scheduling tool posts social media content automatically during specific times of the day. Scheduling tools are great resources as they help save time and stimulate audience engagement, this can then translate into more clients/ purchases. Different scheduling tools recommend different times and posting rates; however, one should post on average at least once or twice each day, preferably after 12 pm. 

Customer Service 
Customer service is essential to a successful business; it helps the customer feel valued and respected. Other benefits include increased customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. However, like any other service, customer service can be time-consuming. A solution to this can be installing chat software, like, which responds to customer messages in real-time. Software like click4assistance also offers video resources for coordinating meeting rooms and product launch Q & A sessions. 

Save Time for Self Care 
Running an online business can be time-consuming. Aside from being an entrepreneur, remember you’re a human too. Make sure you’re receiving enough eating and sleeping time. Wether you plan it on your physical planner, Google calendar, or an app, it is essential you insert self-care into your schedule. Some self-care examples include reserving some time for gym exercise, a nap, or meditation. By saving yourself some time, not only does it provide rest and relaxation, but also boosts morale.