Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

After a long, dull winter, the start of Spring is always a welcome relief. As the evenings get a little lighter and the temperature begins to get warmer, you’ll be eager to spend as much time outside as possible. To ensure you’ve got everything in place for a spectacular Spring, take a look at these top tips and get your garden ready for the new season:

Check Your Tools and Equipment
Gardening takes a backseat in Winter, so you’ll want to ensure your tools and equipment are ready for use. Cordless power tools, like strimmers or lawnmowers, may need to be recharged, for example, while rust may need to be removed from spades, forks and shears. With a little maintenance now, you can make sure that you’ll everything to hand as soon as Spring arrives.

Clear Debris
There can be a lot to do in the garden as Winter begins to recede, so get ready to prune shrubs, rip up weeds, rake the leaves and trim trees. As soon as it’s dry enough, give your lawn the first cut of the year so that it will be lush and healthy by the time the sun is shining.

Get Ready for Planting
Before you can plant new bulbs and flowers, it’s often a good idea to check the soil quality and add nutrients to it. This will help to ensure healthy growth throughout the year. Fertiliser, plant feed and grass seed will have your flowerbeds and lawn looking better than ever, so be sure to start early and create the best conditions for plants to grow. 

Revamp Your Garden Furniture
If you have a garden furniture set just waiting to be used, take a look at it and assess its condition. If it’s been stored in a cold garage all Winter, now might be a good time to give it a lick of paint or a coat of varnish. Adding a weatherproof coating to your garden furniture can protect it from Spring showers (or Summer downpours!). Alternatively, treat yourself to a new outdoor furniture set before they sell out later in the year. 

Add Extra Features
We’re all going to be spending more time at home this year, so you’ll want to make the most of your garden. Adding extra features, like an ESSE outdoor stove, will maximise your enjoyment and make your outdoor space more versatile than ever before. A stove will allow you to enjoy your garden on chillier days and evenings, for example, and you can enjoy al fresco dining when you incorporate outdoor cooking facilities into your garden setup. 

Spend Spring Outdoors
Whether you’ve got a small courtyard, a compact garden or acres of land, you’ll want to make it the ultimate place to be this Spring. Create an outdoor workstation if you’re working from home, expand your garden furniture so that you can entertain friends and family or add an outdoor swimming pool if you want to keep your kids occupied. With endless possibilities, preparing your garden now means you’ll barely spend a minute inside this Spring!