What To Do With Your Garden When Flowers Aren't Your Thing

A countryside home has many advantages. It is a lot roomier than the typical townhouse, which means that you don’t have to worry about space-saving tricks. Additionally, you’re less likely to be kept awake by night traffic. Finally, it’s easier to enjoy a walk outside without bumping into a crowd of people. For all these reasons, the pandemic has seen a nation-wide city exodus. People have decided to move outside of towns and embrace the fresh air in the countryside. However, rural homes often come with a huge garden. While it is a dream for enthusiastic gardeners, not everyone enjoys the thought of a high-maintenance flower garden. So what are your options in the countryside when you don’t care much for flowers? 

Let someone else do the job
It is fair to say that moving out of the urban environment comes at a high cost when it comes to garden maintenance. Purchasing the right equipment for big garden spaces can be expensive. Besides, not every homeowner is familiar with the needs of a big garden. As a result, it can be a safer choice to entrust gardening and landscaping to experts. You can find helpers in your local community, for example. A paid contractor can offer regular trimming, pruning, and maintenance, taking care of the hassles of gardening for you. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to have someone design your dream garden. 

Tune into The Good Life feeling
If you are familiar with the 1970s comedy, The Good Life, that depicts a suburban couple, Tom and Barbara Good, in their quest for self-sufficiency, you could probably find some much-needed inspiration in their backyard. Tom and Barbara pursue a variety of green alternatives, such as a methane-powered car or an electricity-free household. While you may not want to go to such extents, The Good Life also embraces the joys of growing your vegetables, and keeping animals for food, including Geraldine the goat. Keeping animals in a large garden can be a nice way of making use of the space, especially if you are not keen on planting flowers. Chickens are always a fantastic opportunity to have fresh eggs. But what if you are looking for wool rather than food? Did you know that you can keep alpacas for their fleece? The fleece is hypoallergenic, unlike sheep’s wool, and one of the strongest natural fibres. So it could be a profitable venture for the countryside dweller. 

Turn it into a greenhouse
There’s another lesson you can learn from The Good Life, and it is how to turn your garden into a fully functional vegetable allotment. However, you’ve got a significant advantage compared to 1970s city dwellers, which is that you can now invest in a heated greenhouse to ensure a fresh harvest even during the winter months. A greenhouse makes your garden more manageable for a variety of reasons: 

  • You are less likely to struggle with weeds and overgrown grass, 
  • It is a controlled environment, 
  • It can be more rewarding than flowers if you prefer productive gardening.

Moving to the countryside is an exciting adventure. However, for a lot of homeowners, looking after a large backyard can be stressful. It is a tough task to maintain a big garden without help. Yet, you can transform your backyard to give it a new purpose and remove the hassle of lawn maintenance.

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