Saving on Essential Health Expenses

In the UK, we're lucky enough to have the NHS, which offers most healthcare at the point of delivery. However, that doesn't mean that you never have to pay any healthcare costs. In England, you still need to pay for prescriptions, although there is a maximum cost. Other expenses include vision tests, glasses, hearing tests and hearing aids, and dental care. These costs can add up, especially if you have a few months where you need to buy new glasses, have a root canal, and treat an illness in a short time. So how can you save money on these costs?

Check for Vouchers and Discounts
You might be eligible for some NHS vouchers and discounts for certain expenses. There are generally different groups that you might fall into that make you eligible. For example, if you are under 16 (or 16-18 and in full-time education) or 60 or over, you can get a free eye test. Some things that might entitle you to free or discounted services and treatments include being disabled, being pregnant, your age, and whether you are receiving any benefits. Before paying for something, check to see if you can get any money off or even receive the service for free.

Buy Online
Buying online can be a good way to save on a number of healthcare costs. A lot of people like to save on the cost of their glasses by using sites like You have a right to be given your prescription after your eye test so that you can shop around for glasses or contact lenses. Make sure you ask your optician for your pupil distance so that you have all of the information that you need to buy glasses. Online pharmacies can sometimes be cheaper too, and you can even use them for your prescriptions.

Choose Non-branded Products
One easy way to save money is to choose healthcare products that are own-brand or unbranded. This is something that you can easily do with anything from painkillers to vitamins. Instead of choosing a big name brand, get a generic product instead. They often contain exactly the same ingredients, but one has a well-known name and fancy packaging. You can save a lot by doing this. Own-brand painkillers, for example, could cost just a few pence, whereas branded alternatives might cost several pounds.

Take Out Travel Insurance
Are you planning on going away? If you're going abroad, you could end up paying for healthcare if you need it. This could be very expensive, especially in some countries. That's why it's important to take out travel insurance before you go. Travel insurance can cover medical expenses that might arise, and you can also protect your stuff at the same time. Make sure you take out enough coverage to protect you if anything does happen. While cheap policies can make you feel safer, they might not actually help you.

You might not face too many healthcare expenses, but when you do, you can find ways to save money.