Getting Your Garden Summer Ready

The summer is rapidly approaching again and with it comes the desire to start making your garden attractive again. The winter months can be very hard on your garden. Weeds may have formed, the lawn might have become overgrown, or have even died in places, and your patio may be very dirty.  All in all, your garden is probably not the nicest place to be. But, with just a few hour’s worth of work, you will be able to get your garden looking amazing again, and ready for the summer months. 

Do It Yourself?
Before you rush out there and get your hands dirty, decide is this something that you want to do yourself? If you have a large garden, this could take you a long time. If it is especially overgrown, or messy, then you will definitely have your work cut out for you. In order to get your garden into a more manageable state, you might want to hire a professional Grounds maintenance company to come in and clear the garden. This will give you a clean slate to get on and focus on the details and enjoying the garden sooner. 

Lawn Care
If you decide to go for it and do the work yourself, you may as well get the job done properly. When looking at the lawn, don’t just mow it. Now is the time that you need to really maintain it. Identify any patches of weeds in your lawn, and either dig them out by their root or completely kill the weed with weedkiller or a weed burner. Mow the lawn as you would do normally being careful to catch all of the cuttings, or rake them away after. Once your lawn has been mown, you can identify bare patches where grass has died and needs to be replanted. Sew grass seeds now, and by the summer you will have a beautiful lawn. Cut the edges of your lawn so that it sits tight to the path and looks immaculate. 

Patio Care
If you want to enjoy your garden throughout the summer months, then your patio is going to be central in that enjoyment. But if your patio is looking a bit worse for wear, you are not going to want to invite friends round to enjoy a BBQ. Getting your patio looking great doesn’t require too much effort. Again, using your weed burner, eradicate any of the weeds that might be jumping out of any of the gaps between flagstones. Remember and clear any debris from the weed out from the gaps. Next up, you will want to get a power hose out and give the entire patio a refreshing blast. Power hosing your patio may take some time, however, you will get effective results if you are patient. Once your patio is cleaned, you can set to work on introducing some character to areas such as the patio. Get some planters and fill them full of in-season or perennial flowers and use these to line the edges of your patio.