Be Mindful When Updating Your Classic Home

Whether it’s an older house or landmark property, it’s likely you bought you home thanks to its classic appeal. A little history can add a lot of charm and heart to a home, but that doesn’t mean you should let it stay stuck in the past. It will likely need an upgrade to keep with modern notions of comfort. But when it comes to upgrades, it pays to do it with a little respect for what’s already standing.

Focus on restoration, not recreation
While there are some old fashioned choices that you might be keen to get out of the home, there are other designs that you might want to keep but would have a hard time finding today. As such, a pressed ceiling is not likely to be found in very many homes nowadays, but there’s an old-world beauty that you might want to keep with a pressed ceiling restoration, while also applying a little white paint to help it better blend in with modern surroundings.

Deny those drafts
Older homes are not exactly known for their energy efficiency, especially when it comes to their ability to regulate their own temperature and keep the outdoors in. However, many homes are genuinely quite well insulated, given that they were built to better retain heat, what with their lack of central heating. However, it’s worth having an insulation installation provider look over the home to see if they can’t make it a little more energy-efficient and thus more comfortable in the winter.

Find specialist fixers
When it comes to certain parts of the home, such as the roof or architectural features, they may need updates to prevent leaks and ensure stability. However, many modern construction and repair teams wouldn’t be equipped to deal with them and may instead look to replace them. To avoid that, look to specialist services like roof conservation, instead. There are some out there who are trained specifically to help repair and update the practicality of older features without having to drastically change them.

Finding replacements that keep the character
Sometimes, repair and renovation of older features aren’t always achievable and instead, you need to find a replacement. However, just like there are specialist repair providers, there are specialist suppliers, such as those who sell historical windows and replacement parts for them that can be era-appropriate in design but can still come with all of the modern convenience and practicality that you expect from them.

Update the awkward spaces
A lot of old homes have them. Alcoves that either have some long-forgotten purpose or the remnants of an old conversion or renovation. Either way, the little awkward spaces in these houses can be made very useful indeed with a little bespoke storage installation. Turn an otherwise unusable space into a wardrobe or cubby.

When updating or upgrading your older home, it’s always a wise idea to try to find the solutions that are specifically catered to its age needs. In some cases, major reconstruction and replacements might be needed, but you could be surprised when a little ingenuity can save the day.