What Really Goes Into Owning A Horse?

Owning a horse may be a dream of yours, but the reality is often a lot more complicated than that dream. It can be more expensive than you might initially imagine, not to mention a lot more demanding. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at what really goes into owning a horse, and what you could do to make it a little more affordable or accessible.

Calculating the costs of ownership
First, you need to calculate the cost of the horse itself. Find as many stables around you as you can, and compare the costs of similar horses. If you’re new to riding, then start horses tend to amongst the cheaper ones, but if you have competitive practices in mind, you could be paying significantly more. Bear in mind that you may also be able to rent a horse for significantly less, though that might not feel the same as ownership for some.

Choosing a home for the horse
If you have plenty of land, then you can use it to its best potential and host your own horse. It’s a big initial investment, but it can cost less than paying a stable for board. Otherwise, you need to again find liveries around you and compare the costs. You don’t want to go much further than 30 minutes away from home, however. You want to be able to visit the facility every day. If your horse lives at home, you'll need to think about who will look after them when you travel. Either have someone come in to care for them, or take them to a boarding center. Search 'horse boarding Central Florida' (with a relevant location to where you live) and go from there, choosing somewhere with good reviews. 

Finding the gear that you need
There’s quite a lot of gear and supplies that you need to purchase when you buy or rent a horse. This includes riding gear like the saddle and bridle, maintenance gear like towels and hoof oil, blankets, buckets, and gear for you, like your helmet and riding boots. Online horse supplies sites make it easier to find everything you need cost-effectively. However, take the time to look at horse supply checklists and add up the costs to understand exactly how much you will be spending.

Ensuring the health of your horse
You should find an equine vet near you that’s available for a new patient before you buy a horse. You should also look up the costs of horse insurance, which will likely be paying for most of the essential vet care. Otherwise, ask your vet about the costs of common treatments like vaccinations, deworming, treating minor injuries, as well as routine check-ups and tests. Figure out the annual medical costs of your horse care. It’s not something that can be skimped on by any means.

Take the time to research all the costs of horse ownership and find out whether it’s really for you or not. If you can’t make it fit your budget just yet, you can visit the stables and pay for riding lessons to express your love of all things equine. It’s in the best interest of both you and the horse to make sure you have what it takes to own them before making that investment.