Hygge Isn’t Just For Winter: How To Embrace It All Year

book and tea practicing hygge

Hygge is one of those trends that hasn’t gone away, and that is a really good thing. The Danish concept of living a happy life through the things we already have and comfort is a key lifestyle that so many of us are trying to grasp. We all work hard, we all try to make a happy home, and often the ambiance and the atmosphere can be a key influence to getting that happier balance. Hygge isn’t just for winter, as it is normally associated with, so here are some of the ways that you can incorporate the concept all year round. 

Who doesn’t love a candle? But while they can aesthetically pleasing, smell amazing, they can also create such a lovely atmosphere. Especially at night, when all you want to do is relax, lighting a candle can be the ideal way to help you set the scene. The flickering low light, the calming scent that you may get from it, they both add to the Hygge element. Further to that, if you do focus on the scent as well, calming ones like lavender can be another way that can help you relax. It doesn’t matter if it is still light outside, lighting the candles and closing up the blinds or curtains can just set the tone for a relaxing evening ahead. 

The fireplace
The next thing you might want to think about is the fireplace. Many living rooms have a fire place of some description, and a lot of people may have invested in some sort of fire, stove or log burner. This is the ultimate visual of Hygge. A roaring fire that isn’t just warm but also inviting and comforting with the sound and the flicker of the light it gives off. Lighting it up with logs or woodlets pellets is a great way to get it going, and it can certainly help to make a room feel like it is comforting and inviting. It might be that you think in the summer months a fire becomes redundant, but even so at the end of the day, the temperature can drop and get cooler, so a fire can be the ultimate way of adding warmth without switching on the central heating. 

Comfort food
Who says comfort food is for winter? An ideal way to embrace Hygge is through the things that you eat, and finding something that not only puts a smile on your face because of the taste, but gives you that satisfying feeling in your belly. Comfort food isn’t always pies and soups, it can be lovely pasta dishes, tray bakes of meat and vegetables that you serve with salad. It is the things that put a smile on your face. 

A change of pace 
Finally, it is also about your actions and what you do. Evenings might be the ideal time for all members of the family to put down their phones and engage in conversation. Play board games or cards or socialise with the family. There are so many things that you can do together to promote happiness that doesn’t involve technology.