Saving Up For Your Dream Home And Garden

Ah, saving. Although we all know that it’s good for us, we also know that we want that meal out, and the cocktail to go with it. The new gadget, all of those luxuries that can make our hard work feel worth it. But how on earth are you supposed to keep any money in your savings account when the worst habit that you have is just transferring it back to your current account? However, there are many simple ways to save up for your dream home, and they aren’t as difficult as you may think. Read on if you want to be in your new home quicker than you can say ‘I will not spend all of my money.’ Leveraging tools like open banking and exploring revenue based loan options can provide additional financial strategies to bolster your savings efforts

Only pay out for essentials
Ok, there are many things that we all really want, and whilst there are some times when you just have to treat yourself, you need to cut down on the overspending if you’re going to save up for your perfect home. No more fancy meals out every other day, and no Topshop trips that break the bank every time you walk into the shop. Essentials only.

Open a savings account
The best way to keep money from yourself is to put it into a savings account, especially one that you can’t take out of for a fixed period if you just can’t help yourself when it comes to withdrawing from your savings. Choose one that you can’t access for a year - or even 5 years - and you’ll be glad that you did when you see the end result.

Get into trading
You may think that the stock market is only for people in suits who work in the city, but that isn’t necessarily true. If you open the door into the world of finance with CFD trading and other means, you can find yourself with a hefty profit that you could put straight into the funds that you have for buying your house, so try it out!

Shop smart
Whilst you could be going out and spending all of your money at Waitrose, the truth is that you’re not going to save any cash if you don’t look at the price differences when you’re shopping. Especially in recent times, competitors such as Aldi, Lidl and Iceland offer cheaper alternatives that are of a similar quality, so don’t just go for the high-end supermarkets.

Sell, sell, and sell some more
There are so many things that we all keep, despite the fact that we don’t really need them. Selling things on sites such as eBay can help you to get a bit of extra cash, and though it may not be a lot, it will help you to get more savings for your dream home, and as they say, every little helps. Don’t underestimate this!

So, there are many ways to save up for your dream home, from only spending money on essentials, to opening a savings account and trying to earn a bit of money on the side of your job. The most important thing to remember is that even a little bit of cash will be useful for your funds, and it all adds up over time. Good luck!