Upgrade Your Household For Home-Based Work

Did you know that when you work from home, you can achieve a lot more than you would in an office? This can seem difficult to believe, especially if you haven’t prepared your home for your flexible working options. Whether you’re starting a career as a home-based freelancer or you’re on a flexible work contract, it’s essential to think of your house as if it were a business office. You couldn’t work in a messy office – consequently, you need to make sure you’re equipped to perform. Of course, the first step is to keep a clean and organised household – clutter can clog up your mind too! But there’s a lot more to prepare if you want to work from home successfully! 

The home office is just the beginning 
Let’s get things right from the start. It doesn’t matter how comfortable your kitchen table is; you can’t work from it. You need a room that is dedicated to your professional activities. In other words, you need to create the perfect home office. The location of your workplace matters as it differs for everyone. While some people need complete isolation – such as turning the garden shed into a home office – others want to stay close to the family. It’s essential to consider your preferences and alternatives when you design your workspace. Don’t just throw a desk against a wall and hope for the best. You’re going to spend a lot of time in there, so you can’t skimp on creating a decor that suits your personality. Once your office is setup you can ensure the technical side of things is sorted, you'll need good wifi and the right digital security systems. Looking for the best cheap VPN (virtual private network) is a good place to start. 

Your perfect work capsule
If you’ve thought of spending the day in your favourite pyjamas, you need to try a different approach. Indeed, the clothes you wear affects how you feel about your work. Consequently, working in PJs is likely to lead to lazy and ineffective solutions. But if you create an effective work outfit capsule, you can focus more. It’s a good idea to divide your wardrobe between working and leisure outfits – Rauch sliding door wardrobes let you do just that so that everything is visible and accessible in one go. Getting dressed to work informs your brain that you’re serious about it. 

A kitchen break that keeps you focused
If you’ve survived so far on instant coffee and boiling water, it’s time for a change. Indeed, when you work from home, you need to grant yourself the luxury of a healthy and pleasant kitchen break. You need a quality brew in your cup, whether you’re a coffee drinker or a tea lover. Investing in a coffee machine or a temperature-customisable kettle can dramatically improve the taste of your hot drink. When you’re staying at home, you deserve a decent cup of coffee or tea to keep your mind alert. 

Keep your brain oxygenated 
Your indoor air is filled with toxins – that come from breathing, your furniture, cooking, etc. If you don’t renew the air regularly, the accumulation of these toxins can cause headaches and concentration issues. But if you make a habit of opening your windows once a day, you can reduce the risks. Additionally, the presence of houseplants that release oxygen can also help you to work better. 

When you choose to work from home, you need to give yourself the best chances to succeed. From a thoughtfully designed home office to adequate indoor air quality, your home can affect your productivity. Don’t waste your opportunity to make a difference!