What You Need To Know Before You Adopt A Dog

You’ve made up your mind. You want a cute and furry companion. Maybe you’ve even decided to adopt a dog from a shelter in an effort to make the world a better place. Or perhaps, your neighbour’s dog has just given birth to 8 little puppies, and you can’t resist their gorgeous little faces. Regardless of what inspires you to adopt a dog, it’s fair to say that you need to understand what it means to look after an animal that relies entirely on you to stay healthy, happy and protected. The basics requirements are obvious and don’t deserve to be discussed. But you need to find the appropriate answer to each of the following questions:

Get all the info first
Do you know everything you need about your beloved pooch? Don’t say yes too quickly. A DNA test, such as one from these trusted brands https://www.certapet.com/dog-dna-test-brands/, can reveal the breed(s) of a mixed breed puppy, for instance. More importantly, it can highlight genetic markers for potential health conditions, going back up to three generations. This kind of knowledge can give you the chance to be best prepared and know what to look out for. Additionally, you can take preventive measures to avoid the development of diseases, saving money and a lot of stress too!

Understand health requirements in dogs
How do you best take care of a dog? Keeping your dog healthy is your number one requirement as a dog owner, and consequently, it’s a duty you need to take seriously. Aside from the appropriate food and exercise, you should consider an insurance cover from the day you adopt your furry friend. In the long term, it will avoid expensive bills for vet services and necessary surgery. You need to understand that, contrary to the NHS, the veterinary practice doesn’t provide any health treatment for free.

Be ready for the commitment
A dog is not just for Christmas. You’ve probably heard the saying before, and it’s still very relevant. When you decide to adopt a dog, your entire lifestyle needs to change. Are you happy putting your dog first- this means doing things you might not necessarily want to do. It's getting up in the night to let your puppy outside while they're learning their toilet training. It's walking your dog after work when you're tired, it's cold and all you want to do is sit down. From spontaneous weekend getaways to sophisticated furniture, there are several elements of your current life that you might have to give up for your dog. Additionally, a dog isn’t like a Tamagotchi – a reminder of the 1990s – you can forget about and reset at wish.

Can you pay for your dog?
Having a dog can set you back up to £33,000 during its lifetime. Food and day-to-day care only can cost anything from around £94 to £154 per month, depending on size and breed. But ultimately most dog owners spend a lot more, especially in urban areas where you might have to pay for doggy daycare. Additionally, you need to plan for toys and bedding; coats, collars and harnesses are essential additions too. As most owners tend to buy treats and gifts for their dogs when they go shopping, it’s best to prepare a dog only budget!

From knowing potential health risks to being able to afford to look after your dog, you need to clarify things as you embark in this new adventure. Being a dog owner is not as easy as films might make it look. It’s an emotional and financial commitment for a lifetime.