Bored Of Their Bikes? Alternative Modes Of Transport For Kids!

Bike riding is great fun for kids, there’s no getting away from that fact, and it’s really good for their health too, but after a while of biking here, there and everywhere, kids can begin to get bored. That’s why, if you want to encourage your children to remain active despite being slightly bored with their bikes, it’s essential that you think outside of the box and get creative. Wondering what other ways there are for your kids to get about independently and have fun while doing so? Below is a guide to some fantastic alternatives to bikes for kids that can offer many of the same health benefits and are just as fun as cycling. 

Rollerblading can be an excellent mode of transport for kids to travel shorter distances, providing they know how to keep themselves safe, that is and are reasonably competent rollerbladers. Most kids have rollerskates at one point or another, and if a child can rollerskate with confidence, with a bit of practice, they can usually rollerblade too. If you’re worried about your child rollerblading, you can always get them some lessons first. These cover techniques and general safety tips, giving you and them peace of mind when they're out and about.

Skateboarding is another option that could be great for your children. It’s a fun and exciting hobby and one that can burn a lot of calories and energy. Of course, as with any sport, skateboarding can be dangerous if the proper safety precautions aren’t taken. A helmet and elbow and knee pads are a must for all new skateboards, as are a few lessons to help them find their feet. As for their skateboard, don’t buy them a children’s skateboard from a toy shop as these are not designed to work as well or as safely as adult skateboards. Instead, pick them a small-sized adult skateboard like a mini cruiser so that they can ride more safely. 

Another fantastic alternative to bike travel is scootering. Scooters are easy to use meaning if they've not quite mastered biking or aren't confident with it then these are a useful alternative. They come in a wide range of different styles and there are lots of models designed for kids. There are traditional scooters and a range of more modern designs to choose from; there are even scooters with rechargeable motors built in for a different experience. However if you're wanting them to keep fit and burn energy, a regular foot powered model is the way to go.