Lofty Ideas: Creating The Ultimate Loft Conversion

Many of us neglect our lofts, simply using them as a space to store clutter- they can easily become dumping grounds for junk. But this space could be turned into extra room for living in, so why wouldn't you utilise it? Whether you're in need of an extra bedroom, guest room, home office or even a hobby room, the loft could provide the perfect space. As an added bonus it will even add value to your home too. Here are a few attic conversion ideas to create the ultimate loft.

Get rid of your clutter
The first step should be to remove all the clutter from your loft. Some of this you may be able to sell, whilst other bits can be donated or chucked out. Getting rid of possessions may not be something you want to do, which is why more people are using self storage – this could allow you to keep onto these possessions even without the space in your home. Once your loft space is empty, you can then start the conversion process.

Meet the legal requirements
For a loft space to be classed as a liveable space it may need to meet certain requirements. For example, the room needs to have a minimum head clearance of 2 metres between the joists. Altering the height could involve raising the roof. This is an expensive job that some may not be able to afford and could require seeking planning permission first. Loft conversion also need to have a suitable fire exit, which means having some form of staircase and not just a ladder. This could be an internal staircase or an external staircase – again this could push the price of the project up and may require planning permission.

Keep the space warm
Lofts can get chilly, so make sure that this space is insulated. You may also want to add some home radiators, these could be electric or they could be plumbed in. Insulation and plumbing isn’t always an easy DIY job, so consider hiring professionals.

Provide power
The space will also need some electricity. This could mean adding sockets and lighting. If you’re DIYing your loft conversion, check whether the work you’re doing requires an electrical license as they may mean you have to hire a professional. You could even install solar panels on your roof to power up your loft space.

Let in natural light from above
A loft is perfectly located for adding skylights – this could allow natural light to flood the room, whilst offering a view of the stars at night. Look into the costs of installing a skylight as you could find that it pushes you over your budget. Opting for double or triple glazing will keep you insulated.

Consider an en suite bathroom
Without a bathroom in your loft, whoever is staying there may have to take a trip down a level to use the bathroom in the night. An en suite bathroom will push the price of your project up, but could be convenient. Decide whether you want to just add a lavatory and sink, or go all out with a bathtub and shower. Be wary that getting a tub into your loft won’t be an easy task and could involve removing some of the roof and using a crane.