Fun Ideas For A Child-Friendly Garden

If you’ve got kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews, creating a child friendly garden can be a lot of fun and give them somewhere to play and learn when they are with you. If this sounds like something fun that you’d love to do, take a look at these 8 amazing ideas for a child friendly garden:

Grow Herbs And Vegetables
Growing herbs and vegetables has a plethora of benefits for kids. Not only do you have a fresh supply to use in cooking, they also learn a lot and have fun. Kids can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening too, and it helps them to get their daily dose of vitamin D!

Include A Variety Of Textures, Scents, And Colours 
Including a variety of textures, scents, and colours in the garden helps to stimulate all their senses. Grow bright flowers, such as calendula, nasturtiums and sunflowers, or swiss chard for its multi-coloured stems. Rustling grasses and rattling seed heads are lovely to listen to when it’s quiet, while a variety of textures, such as the downy leaves of sage, will incorporate touch. Include fun smells too, such as the curry plant or chocolate cosmos. Growing herbs and vegetables, as mentioned above, helps to stimulate their taste buds!

Invest In Artificial Grass 
An artificial lawn is great because real grass can be high maintenance, especially if you want it to stay looking vibrant and lush. A company like LazyLawn can install a realistic looking fake lawn that the kids can’t ruin when they are running around, playing sports, and getting messy in general.

 Find Awesome Accessories
A garden should be accessorised just as a house would be, but even more so when it’s for children. This further helps to excite their senses. Include things like wind chimes, fairy doors, and safe water features.

Keep It Safe
For a child friendly garden, safety should be your number one concern. Make sure there are no dangerous water features that kids could fall into, and that all plants and accessories are totally safe. It could be a good idea to install a sturdy gate too!

Get Smart With Play Items
You may not want a play park in your garden, which is why getting smart is a great idea. Incorporate a swinging chair rather than a set of swings, so that adults can enjoy it too. A slide could easily be incorporated into the decor, while a sunken trampoline stops the garden from looking messy, allowing the kids to continue having fun.
Make A Teepee 
Making a teepee in your garden can give the kids somewhere to read books, camp out, or simply enjoy a respite from the hot sun during summer time. This is a great project that you can take on yourself.

Keep It Private 
Don’t forget to consider privacy when you’re putting together your child friendly garden. You could keep in some shrubs and large trees to shield kids from passers by, or look into installing a high quality fence.