Frankie Says Relax: Ultimate Chill Out Holiday Destinations

Type a simple holiday search into Google and you’ll get inundated with hipster destinations. It seems as if the traditional beach holiday is dead and extreme getaways are in vogue. People don’t want to waste time whiling away the hours on a beach; they want fun and excitement. As great as that may be, we shouldn’t deny that relaxing is essential. Sure, it gets boring from time to time, yet even a dull day abroad is better than being at work! Anyway, most of us don’t get many opportunities so we should grab them with both hands when they appear. Here are the destinations that will help you do just that. The Lake District, UK Leaving the United Kingdom seems like the best thing to do because, well, the grass is greener. Britain is amazing and there is no need to holiday anywhere else as long as you choose correctly. For rest and recuperation, browse no further than the Lake District. Located in Cumbria in the North West, there is everything from vast waterways to rolling hills. After a quiet amble, one can sit down to a hearty meal and a few pints in an old-school pub. Can you feel the stress leaving your body already?
Bali, Indonesia Okay, you only get a couple of chances to leave work behind and don’t want to stay in the country. That is understandable, which is why it’s a fantastic idea to go big. Bali is about as exotic as it gets for anyone who isn’t a local or an Aussie. And, even the Australian tourists that visit yearly can’t get enough of this Indonesian island. Kuta is a hotspot, but the Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa in the south is incredibly tranquil. Or, there is Ubud which is renowned for its yoga classes. Before you know it, you’ll be a yogi!
Ko Lipe, Thailand Heading to one of the most popular countries on the map doesn’t sound like a savvy move. Indeed, it could be the worst holiday ever if you choose poorly. But, that is why islands such as Pi Pi and Koh Samui are out of the question. Regardless of their beauty, there are too many British tourists dirtying up the place! Instead, check out Thailand’s hidden gem – Ko Lipe. Situated in the south, the island is owned and run by sea gypsies who regulate tourism. As a result, the beaches and waters are pristine and there is no head banging techno music.
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands Indonesia and Thailand are hours away, so travelling there can be a pain. Amsterdam, on the other hand, is a one hour flight and it’s very cheap. Plus, the capital city is more than seedy brothels and stag groups. Away from the red light district, it’s a beautiful city full of architecture and things to do. Simply rent a bike and ride around, and when you are tired, stop off at a canal cafĂ© to re-energise. Stay near to Vondelpark for a truly restful experience. Which chill out holiday destination is number one on your bucket list?