Essential Home Repairs You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Home repairs can be expensive. Sometimes even smaller jobs are a lot more expensive than you’d expect them to be. It can be tempting to save money by putting things off or papering over the cracks. But, it’s important to weigh up your options. Putting jobs off or doing the necessary minimum today could end up costing you a lot more, in time, money and stress down the line. Is it really worth it Well, sometimes, yes, it is. When it comes to our appliances and smaller repairs, using hacks and patches can get a little more life out of things before we replace them. But, in other cases, putting things off just makes the problem worse, costing you a lot more. Let’s take a look at some of those issues that you simply can’t afford to ignore. 

An issue with your roof needs dealing with as soon as possible. It’s even worth having your roof checked every year so that you can fix things before the damage is done. Damage to your roof can lead to leaks, poor insulation, blocked gutters, water damage to the structure and massive heating bills. If you are worried look into roof repairs straight away.

Most good boilers last for around ten years, but it’s important to have it serviced every year, preferably before winter time so that you don’t have to go without it if there is a problem in the cold weather. An issue with your boiler could lead to frozen or burst pipes causing water damage to your home or even flooding. It can also leave you without heating and hot water and could even result in a dangerous gas leak. If you notice any issues with your boiler don’t wait for your service, get it checked out asap. 

Some window issues are obvious. If they are cracked, broken or the seals are hanging off, then they clearly need replacing. Other problems might not be as easy to spot, but they can still lead to further damage. Windows with loose or damaged seals, or windows that always seem to sweat or be covered in condensation can leave your home cold and damp. The excess moisture around them can also seep into the wood or brick around the window sill, eventually leading to cracks and damage to your walls, especially if this water freezes and expands. Replacing your windows might seem expensive, but it’s nowhere near as costly as dealing with rot in your walls. 

Mould is common in most homes at some point. Often in the winter when there’s an excess of condensation around the windows or in poorly ventilated bathrooms. A little mould might not seem like a huge problem, but it can quickly spread and can cause skin conditions and breathing difficulties. A small area can be easily treated with a mould and mildew remover from a supermarket. For a larger area, you may want to hire help.

If you spot any of these issues in your home, don’t ignore them. They’ll only get worse, more dangerous and more expensive to repair. Get them dealt with straight away and don’t make the mistake of thinking that new builds are perfect and impervious to damage.