What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

Most of the decisions we make at home say something about us. Most notably, the decor we choose is influenced by who we are as people. If your home doesn’t reflect your personality, you’ll spend your time there feeling out of place and ill at ease. Instead, most of us approach interior design with the idea that more personality is better. While that may be true, there is one small issue with focusing on the inside of your home. Only the people you invite inside will be able to see it. Don’t you want your house to be a representation of you to the outside world as well? If yes, it’s time to think about what your exterior says about you. Given that it greets the world, your front door is most important of all. This is the most noticeable thing on any home exterior, and it sends the loudest message about you. But, what’s your front door saying?

I’m stylish
For some, style is a life choice. Such people thrive on sound design and stunning pieces. And, often, style focuses on a less is more approach. Designs like minimalism and industrial are top of the trend pile. If you want your home to send this message about you, it’s possible to have a lot of fun with your front door. For the most part, you want to focus on materials here. Something like these aluminium entrance doors would work perfectly. They’re sleek, sharp, and incorporate industrial materials. Equally, something such as a windowless wooden option, or a front door made of bamboo could work well. These all give a space-age vibe which is sure to show style is your domain. 

I’m creative
Lucky for you, showing creativity in design isn’t difficult. And, your front door is no different. The most straightforward way to spread this message is to paint your door a vibrant colour. The majority of houses keep things reasonably standard here. But, some people go all out with yellow or pink options which stand out from the crowd. To take things further, you could even incorporate a stained glass window. Again, this is a sure nod to creativity. The colours of your glass could be the ideal way to complement that bright door.

I’m traditional
If you’re aiming for a more traditional vibe, then your job may be a little easier. In this instance, think back to doors used in period properties. Most often, these are made of solid woods. They’re also traditionally more substantial than a typical door would be. You could do a little research and invest in a recreation of your favourite designs. Or, you could go all out and see if you can find the authentic thing at an auction. While doors like these aren’t often taken from their properties, you could strike lucky here. And, what says traditional better than a real piece of household history? You can be sure everyone will know what you’re about with one of these in place.