Fur and Fluff: A Dog Really Can Change Your Life For The Better

It's always been up for debate which makes the better pet- dogs or cats. Most of us have a strong preference either way, however what it really comes down to is the kind of lifestyle you lead. Dogs and cats tend to suit different people because their own needs are so different. If you're a 'dog person' and have space in your heart for a wagging tail, a dog really can change your life for the better in more ways than you realise. They encourage you to be more active by playing with them and taking them on walks, they can improve your mood- dog owners have even been said to live longer! So if you’re considering getting a dog, here’s why you should, and how you can make sure you’re caring for them in the right way.

Love and Affection
This is the main reason why a dog is just one of the best pets you can get. They love to give you as much love and affection as you give them. While some dogs will love cuddles and fuss more than others, all of them know how to show love in their own unique way. When you own a dog, one of the most important things you can do to keep them happy is simply to spend time with them. You can't be at home with your dogs all day, but once you're home from work or wherever you've been- be sure to give your dog plenty of attention. Let them sit with you on the sofa, stroke them, play games with them. It's your attention and affection that will make your furry friend happier than anything else. 

Care Needed
Just like a baby, puppies do need a lot of care in the beginning. They won’t be toilet trained, they’ll be nibbling everything in sight, and they might be a bit timid when meeting other humans or dogs. One thing you can do to ensure they grow up to be happy and well rounded pooches is to take them to puppy training classes, which will get them accustomed to all of the things they’re going to experience. But whatever you do, don’t take them on a full walk out of your garden until they’ve had all of their jabs! You can use products like NexGard chewable flea & tick for dogs from PetBucket. to  make sure your pup is kept flea and tick free for a few months. Every three or so months you should repeat the treatment to ensure they stay free. Parasites can cause serious irritation to dogs, and even transmit life threatening illnesses in some cases so you need to keep on top of this. Dogs also need to be given good quality food, and have the right amount of exercise. Your vet will be able to give you custom advice on this. 

What Not To Do
It's possible to work full time while you have a dog, as long as you're at home a lot for the rest of the time and can commit to walking them before and after work. However you can't leave puppies for this long, and so you will either need to hire a pet sitter or be able to pop home on your breaks to be able to let them out and walk them for the first months of their life. Dogs can experience separation anxiety, boredom and general stress when they're left alone and so if you lead the kind of lifestyle where you're away from home a lot, a dog may not be for you.