For The Love Of Space: The Best Ways To Add Square Footage To Your Home

If you wake up every morning dreading yet another day living in your humble abode as it's bursting at the seams, you really need to rectify your space issues. While you might assume that you need to sell up and ship out to a larger property, the space you need may well have been under your nose the entire time. Finding usable square footage can be tricky especially when you can’t see the wood for the overflowing trees of storage. Take a look at these ideas for space making inspiration.

Go Up
Many people choose to go up to the third level of their home and extend into their attic space. Whereas before it may have been a haven for all of your unwanted junk, the Christmas tree and the odd suitcase or two, you can turn this ample square footage into an extra room. Instead of leaving the loft area simply boarded and languishing under tonnes of your uncherished items, think about creating a fully insulated and usable new room or two. By eating up some space on the floor below, you can create a new staircase leading to a new master bedroom complete with ensuite. If your brood is expanding, it makes sense to add another sleeping quarters to your pad. Going up is ideal if you’re considering adding another bedroom as your house will maintain its natural flow.

Go Down
If you’re fortunate enough to have a cellar, you can line, board and insulate this room to create a large open plan space. You may choose to use it as a simple storeroom to declutter your living space, set up a large playroom for the kids or even move your kitchen into the basement area. Many homes now choose to reconfigure their homes to suit their lifestyle. Adding square footage not only improves your quality of life as a family, but you will also be adding value to your home when it is time to sell up and move on.

Go Out
Some people choose to extend out when they are considering the addition of usable square footage to their humble abode. This doesn’t mean you have to add an entire new wing to your three-bed semi. You could add a great conservatory to act as a dining space coming off your open plan kitchen. This more spacious way of living means your internal accommodation will back onto your garden. In the summer months, you can partake in a spot of al fresco dining, enjoy having friends around for summer soirees and relish having an uncluttered downstairs area.

If your budget allows, you may want to venture outwards and build a whole new double height extension. This could give you a new reception room alongside a new bedroom increasing both your upstairs and downstairs living quarters. With a games room, snug or cinema space downstairs, you’re adding a touch of luxury to your humble dwelling, increasing its value and giving it the wow factor. Don’t assume that you need to sell up in the quest for square footage. Think outside the box and see if your much-loved home can give you the extra living space you require.